Friday, June 26, 2015

Stress Management...Embracing the Alchemy of My Body

Today marks 2 1/2 months on my journey "Embracing the Alchemy of my Body".  As I mentioned in my last post "Nutrition..." I'm back to share more of what I'm learning along the way.  I started my journey on April 12th and incorporated 4 components which I believe lead to a healthier lifestyle.  They are Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management and Essential oils.

My commitment for stress management...

was to engage my tools of...Meditate, Yoga, Breath Work, and Barefoot Breathing.  Also to get adequate sleep, do self body Massages, using Essential Oils both topical and diffused and the Hot Tub, as well as to communicate my needs more.  I felt all these would help me with reducing stress.

How has that showed up in my life so far?

Well...I'm still striving for small steps leading to bigger ones.  Since I know when I follow my tendency of all or nothing...I'm not as successful.  So far, I found working up to it, has helped me integrate changes so that they become permanent healthier life choices. At least that how it's been with my nutrition.  Though it's been 2 1/2 months now...it still doesn't feel like I've totally embraced the healthy habits of reducing stress.  I mean I have my moments, mostly the stress level is low, but there are some days, mostly it's around finances when I struggle.  As most of you know, I no longer have my "day job", I've stepped fulling into my business, as well as our small family owned business.  While that is a great thing...the steady income isn't there and as a whole the family is feeling it.  Thus, I put pressure on myself and that translates into stress affecting my sleep, cravings etc.

The good thing is...when I use the tools...they work...

that should be a no brainer right?...but still I'm not as consistent as I would like.  Well, I take that back...I have actually been consistent with meditating daily...which is a huge accomplishment for me!  Though I did miss a few days this past weekend when we were out on the road.  I like to meditate in the morning but the show had us wiped out and I couldn't muster my morning meditation before heading back out to the show.  On that note, I just reminded myself of the very clear commitment I made at the start of my journey...to give myself permission to mess up, to not come down hard on myself when I stumbled or screwed up...be it nutrition, practices or what have you.  Everyday is a new day and everyday I get to choose again.  The reality of it is I'm striving for a healthier lifestyle, that takes practice.  We got back last Sunday and I've returned to my daily morning mediation practice.

Now, in regards to meditating...here's what I've learned...

I tend to have what they call Monkey Brain...so I found that doing guided meditations is the ticket for me.  I finished reading Deepak's book "What are you Hungry For"...which I loved and still refer to...it launched my daily mediation practice.  After a few weeks of working up from 5 mins to 15 then 20 mins of meditation...I went to Youtube and found a wonderful collection of meditations both by him and by his teachers in the Chopra Center.

During my Meditation search I also came across a few Apps I now use.  Conscious Health by Deepak, though it's FREE there are some in App purchases.  I like how in Deepak's meditations he has a lesson to teach, a centering thought and a chant.

The Insight Timer App is great for when I want to try silent meditation or breath work...when I'm barefoot breathing or just outside sitting in nature.

I absolutely love Relaxed Melodies Sleep Zen Sounds...because its a collection of various sounds from waves, rivers, rains, to birds, crickets, frogs to winds, chimes and thunder storms...to sooo much more.  And you get to choose, combine and mix the sounds you want as well as set the timer for how long you want the background music to play while meditating.

The other practice I've incorporated is Self Massages...

I created a blend that will help tone and tighten my skin as I loose weight.  I know it's inevitable that I will be left with loose skin, given the amount of weight I'll be losing and my age.  So every evening I give myself a self massage from head to toe...hubby helps me with my back, a perk I say.  I found that this practice also helps me get in tune with my body...helping me accept it for what it is, instead of wishing it was something else.  On a side note...using the oils every night...has strengthen my nails and is making them grow much faster!

The other tools I'm incorporating are...

spending more time in the Hot Tub...especially before bed, as I found it helps me relax and fall asleep faster and deeper.  Communicating my needs...still one I'm working on but I'm blessed to have a super supportive and understanding husband.  Lastly, my Yoga practice...which also falls into my exercise, but it as well as my exercise is a work in progress, but I'll share more of that on my next update.

Another fun thing I've been doing is taking screenshots of the times that I see number sequences, I call them Sacred Numbers, on my phone...which is often...then I go to my Angel Numbers App by Doreen Virtue and find their meanings...the majority of the time they are reminders that thoughts become things, that we are manifesting with each thought, positive or negative.  And that I AM supported...even when I'm struggling.

Oh, I almost forgot!  You're probably wondering how the weight loss is going...we'll at 2 1/2 months I've lost 18 lbs so far.  It's shedding slowly but I'm good with that, mostly cos' the slower you loose the more chance you give your skin to tighten and I feel the slower I loose the more permanent it will be.  My ultimate goal is to lower my BMI...body mass index which measures body fat.  None the less it feels great to fit comfortably into my cloths even after a meal.  And as far as my nutrition goes, as I mentioned before all in moderation...I'm not depriving myself cause I refuse to do any more diets.  I'm still being creative and eating as close to Earth as possible and being aware of what I'm truly hunger for!


  1. I have the same issue with the monkey brain myself and I too find guided meditations and meditation mantra really help me too. The massage oil recipe sounds wonderful, I think I'm going to have to try making a batch!

  2. Lots of great stuff here. I especially liked your remark that the tools work if you use them. This is a lesson I learn (forget?) over and over. I also like the idea of working up to things. Small steps--I love doing things that way and yet have a hard time slowing down to break things down into those small, do-able pieces.

    Thanks for the great inspirations!



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