Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Self-Honoring Wednesday~ Creating Sacred Space

Sacred Space, is sometimes associated with religious realms, such as Cathedrals or Temples, but one can create Sacred Space anywhere. For me Sacred Space is creating an environment that nurtures and supports our emotional and spiritual well being, by invoking a feeling of sacredness of space and time, allowing us to honor ourselves and our higher power within it.

The simple yet powerful act of creating sacred space can make a world of difference in one’s life.   I know how caught up we can become in the everyday shuffle of balancing both our personal self care and caring for our family and businesses.  I too often get wrapped up in the busy-ness of my world, and forget to honor my inner wisdom.

So, in the past few weeks I’ve been doing some major soul searching and reorganizing of my priorities.  I’ve started incorporating some more sacred practices some of which I used to have a daily practice of but have let fall to the wayside. So, I've decided to delicate part of my blog to sharing ways  to honor our selves through self care, self love and well being.

One of them for me is creating sacred space, which is so easy to do with a few simple tools. You can create sacred space during prayer, meditation, Yoga, or any other practice that you want to infuse with an intent and honor yourself and your higher power.

I have a practice I do whenever I sit at my workbench to create my art.  It consists of lighting a candle and if my heady scented jasmine plant isn't blooming, I light some incense too.  Just that simple act shifts my mind to a place of peace and focus, where I can let my creativity flow.

I like to do this as well when I meditate, by using a special candle and incense.  Some of my favorite is scents for meditation are Sandalwood, Nag Champa or Indian Temple, which I came across at a wonderful little Tibetan shop in a neighboring town.  I also like to create sacred space when I practiced  my Yoga.

My creative passion had led me to familiarize myself with aromatherapy a few years ago.  I love the organic scents of Mother Earth's gifts from trees to flowers.  I also prefer creating my own bath and body products from essential oil. 

These past few weeks I found myself drawn to my old aromatherapy practices once again, so I pulled out my little simmering bowls and began to infuse my space  where ever that happened to be, while I did other actives such as reading or spending time with the family, with essences that lifted my spirit and lit me up from within.  I recently heard that if you have time to be miserable and dwell on negative self talk, you have time to create some self-loveing and honoring practices.  This inspired me to create sacred space where ever I happen to be at the moment so I could shift my vibration and be open to some healing.  The most amazing scent to pull you out of negative cycles is Orange essential oil, I also enjoy grapefruit, the citricy scents are wonderful to awaken your senses and fill you up with light.  That is one of the most empowering thing about creating scared space, its ability to shift your mood, bring much light and love into your life.

How you practice sacred space? 

Quick Tip:  There are many synthetic oils out there due to the fact that pure essential oils are so expensive. But keep in mind that using pure essential oils will produce the wanted results not synthetics.  So I have a tip for you...get creative and use what you have on hand.  When I find myself out of Orange oil I resort to an actual orange.  

Orange essential oil comes from the orange peel, you know the juices that seep out of the skin when you puncture it. Get yourself a small pot, add some water and some orange peel and simmer on low heat, the scent will infuse your home.  You can do this with many other organics, I'll share with you two wonderful simmers I use during the up coming Holidays in future posts♥


  1. This is beautiful. *looks at house shrine and wants to go dust it*

  2. Thank you Effy, and I hear you love! I have been sooo caught up in busy-ness that I to had to dust off some of my small alters that I have around my home.

  3. I talk a lot about the issue of self-care in my astrology blog; it really should be a thing we do regularly for ourselves and those we love!

  4. Thank you for this Allurynn. I think I needed a kick in the pants reminder that creating sacred space can be simple and part of my every day routine of self-care. Lovely tips!

  5. Thanks Jo, I'm glad I inspired you to make it happen cos' self care is so important and it doesn't have to be complicated.

  6. Lovely, I've been feeling this same pull too and am just working out what that should look like (I'm a slow starter)...

    Orange and Grapefruit are lovely, and even more powerful if you add a nice deep scent to mix things up. Clove would be lovely if you need pepping up and some energy/warmth, but Orange also goes really nicely with Sandlewood - The Sun and the Spirit :).


  7. Don't think about it too much Megan just do it, that's something I'm still learning ;)

    Oh, I love creating Synergies! I have found some powerful Synergies when I mix combinations of the bright citricy ones like Bergamont, Lemon and the two above with east Indian holy oils like Sandalwood, Myrrh and Frankincense, Mmmmmm heavenly.

    But then again, I also like the quick and simple way I can infuse a room with out concocting (or thinking) and just making that shift happen with one simple oil!

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. "I recently heard that if you have time to be miserable and dwell on negative self talk, you have time to create some self-loveing and honoring practices." <---- I LOVE THAT!!! I love the whole post, but that part jumped out at me in a huge way and I'm gonna keep that close to my heart this week.

  9. I know! It was so powerful for me too when I heard it. Really wakes us up doesn't it?



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