Monday, October 24, 2011

Magickal Monday Adornments~ Headpieces

Head jewelry has been found to date back to 30BC to the Ancient Egyptians and throughout many other cultures such as the Chinese, Greeks and Romans; Medieval jewelry of the Middle Ages included headpieces as well.  Though wearing bridal tiaras has been a well practice tradition, simple headpieces inspired by the gorgeous and elaborate Matha-patti (Indian word for headpiece, also known as shinghar-patti) have also become popular in the past few years.

I was inspired to create my first headpiece 8 years ago just before I birthed Creations by Moonlight into existence, this particular headpiece was for myself for my own wedding in May of 2003. Which had a Celtic flavor to it, we created our own ceremony from start to finish, chose the things that inspired us and that had meaning to us; we even had our officiant perform a sword blessing upon us.  It was suppose to be a gorgeous outside wedding in the wonderful Colorado Mountains, but the weather chose to turn on us and we had a late snow fall, so thanks to my awesome friends we pulled it all together to make it happen inside the lodge!  Both of my children were part of the wedding and ceremony.

My headpiece was a simple creation with drappy sterling silver chain, accented with gold and exquisite stones that not only picked up the Lavender color of my wedding but also had special meaning to me.

Since then I have creating many different styles of headpieces from simple wire and chain such as these.

To more elaborate ones such as this one. I have also created them as custom orders with specific color schemes or stones.


They have been popular to wear not only in weddings, but also as accessories for Renaissance fairs and other festive celebrations; or just to adorn the Goddess in You, as seen in Goddess Leonies latest blog post.  Where photographer Trish McNiell, from Queensland, Australia, looks stunning as she honors her inner Goddess and allows her to shine in a gorgeous self portrait, wearing the Mother of Goddess Circle and a wonderful photographer.  You can see her work on her site or follow her on FB.
Pearl headpiece I created.  She's one of my wonderful Goddess Sisters from the

I like the fact that these fun and simple headpieces are in between a maang tika and a bindi, both are Indian jewelry that fall on the forehead and settle just between the eyes. They are said to stimulate the third eye, our sixth chakra.  Which is our innate psychic abilities, the most common traits associated with this chakra are the insight, intuition and imagination. This chakra essentially forms a bridge between the mind, body and spirit. 

There have been celebrities as well that have chosen to wear headpieces for their own weddings. From the elaborate and stunning headpiece worn by Elizabeth Hurley when she married Arun Nayarthe in 2007.


To the more simple yet classy one worn by Kim Kardashian on her wedding in August 2011 to Kris Humphries.


As well as the drappy one that I not only loved but found the dress to be stunning as well, worn by Alicia Keys in her wedding on August 2010.  So magickal and Goddessie. She even had Deepak Chopra as officiant for her gorgeous wedding.

So what are your thoughts about headpieces used as adornments either in weddings or other occasions?  Would you wear one?


  1. Fascinating! I love learning more about the history of adornment and where it originated in the world. Beautiful post, Allurynn.

  2. So, beautiful...maybe one day I will need one!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Dee, it would be my pleasure to create one for you ;)

  4. Headpieces like that always look so gorgeously goddessy.I love the intricate indian example. How do you get your ones to stay on?

  5. Oh I *adore* these! I have a headpiece I made with silver chains and little pearls and an opal in the centre with a silver pentacle extended from it that dangles just in front of my brow chakra. I wear it for special rituals :)

  6. Lovely stuff! I've always liked the way headpieces look - on other people. I've tried on my fair share and always felt I look more like a little girl playing dressup than a real princess. Other people certainly look great in them, though!

  7. There is something intensely spiritual about head pieces. I, too, love the way they always seem to fall over the middle eye.

    Beautiful, Allurynn!

  8. I love the intricacy and how they fall over your head on the Indian ones too. Mine have chain that wraps around your head and claps in the back. It also comes with an extender so it can be adjusted for a perfect fit. If you like you can check out this link, http://bit.ly/tLWHjV where you can see the process I go through in making them ;)

  9. Thanks, Stella. Your headpiece sounds stunning. I love how it along with other ritual tools can shift us into a different state of being ;)

  10. Thanks Ellie, I have can certainly understand there are some jewelry style that I don't feel I can pull off either. But I adore these headpieces ;)

  11. Allurynn! I'm loving this post, it's awesome to learn the history behind these gorgeous pieces. Also, I'm getting married next year (I think on your birthday, October 12th, or am I getting confused) and now I am so considering wearing a headpiece for the ceremony. :)

  12. Congratulations Marla! Autumn is such a beautiful time of year to get married, and yes, Oct 12 is my birthday! I really like the headpieces over the tiaras, I'm sure you will look stunning in one!

  13. I love the headpieces, they are absolutely lovely! They always seem magical and empowering to me for some reason. I'd definitely wear one.

  14. Thanks Dominee, I have to agree, they are a magickal and empowering piece of jewelry ♥



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