Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Mummies and Bats!

I have try to create fun and different crafts around the Sabbats and around the seasons for my kids.  It's a tradition I've created with them since my daughter was born 22 years ago.  This year K and I decided to make two different Halloween crafts.  We went out to the garden earlier this week and picked some or the mini decorative pumpkins.

After cleaning them up we, painted them black!  By the way a few months ago I came across this craft mat by Ranger, which I absolutely love for my own art work, cos' I can use it as my paint pallet as well!  Anyway, it is wonderful for when we do art cos' it's an easy clean. 

We than added some googly eyes, and I cut out some foam wings and ears for the little guys.  K likes my glue dots and they did the trick on the wings.  He loved his so much, he proceeded to help it fly through out the house, before it found it's resting place on our family alter.
Then we were off to make the mummies!  These were much easier and fun to make...we took some cheese cloth and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped.

  We used large googly eyes and some of my cocoa ink to make them dirty...fun, fun, fun. 
We had a blast together and we were actually able to complete them before he lost interest, LOL.  Here's our creations!  Aren't they cute!!!
K is totally ready for Halloween we hung the leaves we made two years ago up on the window and he lined up the candle jars we made last year on the windowsill and can't wait to lite their candles.  Of course he's picked out his costume...Bumble Bee from the Transformers :)

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