Friday, October 28, 2011

Inspirational Friday~Dream Boards

I was so inspired and moved by Lisa Nichols audio for the Big Fat Lies Summit this past week, so much so that I had to blog about my big break though and disclose my Big Fat Lie.  Much like some of us, including myself, she came from a harsh life and was able to overcome those obstacles and create the life she wanted for her and her son.  She talked about continuing to dream and create the life you want and never stopping because..."life is a journey".  One suggestion she had was to write down what your life will look like in 5 years.  So, after listening to her audio, I was inspired to create a dream board, or vision board as some call it. I am a very visual person that's why I opted to create a Dream board showing what my life will look like in 5 years.

I came across dream boards about 6 or 7 years ago or so.  I had never heard of them before and found it to be an intersting way to putting our dreams out into the universe. What is a Dream or Vision Board, you ask?  Well in my opinion, it's a powerful tool to enable you to manifest your dreams into reality.  Through them I have manifested some big dreams like finding the Ranch home of our dreams, as well as drawing things into my life that I thought were unreachable and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful they are and how every dream, though some took longer than others has come into my life when I was ready to recieve them.  You can create Dream Boards through painting art, digital art (I enjoy these) or using collage by cutting out magazine images, which is the process I will be sharing with you today in creating my Dream Board.  

I like to create my Dream Boards during the first 4 days of the lunar cycle, during the New Moon and the 3 days that follow.  Why the New Moon, because New Moons are an excellent time to plant seeds for the future. It's a time to set your intentions on the things you want to create and manifest. So why not harness that energy and open your heart to recieving guidance from your inner wisdom and dream big!

I like to create Sacred Space around creating my Dream Boards. So before I begin, I light a candle, burn some sage or defuse some Essential oils, play some soft meditative music, and ground myself.  I allow myself to be open to receiving and ask what it is I want. I give myself a moment to be with it.

Then I pull out the magazines! 

Okay, so I should share what you will need before I go on.

~board (this can be a foam board, cardboard or even poster paper)
~A picture of yourself when you felt most radiant, happy and empowered, a time when your inner Goddess was sparkling.
                              Here's the one I chose for mine...it was during the time I was creating big changes in my life, I was asked to do a photo shoot for a postcard ad.  I was totally out of my comfort zone, being photographed is not something I enjoy...but I like how it turned out.
 ~marker, paints, glitter (of course)
~embellishments, shells, leaves, ribbons, rubber stamps

Go through your magazines and rip out pictures and words that speak to you.  Have fun with it, create a pile of the images and phrases or just simple words. Take your board and place the picture of you in the middle, then start laying out the images that speak to you the most in depicting your dreams.  Cut them out and while laying the images on the board, think about how you want to lay it out.  As an expample, I like to sometimes divided the board up and assigned a theme to each corner. Career/Business, Health, Spirituality and relationships or you may just want them to be places randomly on your board.  Be creative, there are limitless ways of creating your Dream board.

Once you've decided where everything goes, start gluing. As you glue each image, state your intent in the present tense and in a positive way.  Create affirmations around them. You can add the words and phrases you found or any other writing you are moved to share, you can even paint on your board. I've glued ribbon or even doodled around the edges in the past, it's your board make it special.

 I found a black foam board in my stash and decided to doodle in white gel pen.  Then I was moved to write inspirational words all around the edges.

After you are complete with it, hang it in a place where you will see it often.  In the past I've put mine in my workout room, my studio, my  bedroom (which is my favorite place), where ever you know you can look at it often.

This time I chose to put it at the end of the hall, so I can see it as I walk out of my room.

Make it a point to stand in front of it daily; make it the last thing you look at before bed and the first thing you see in the morning.  While being with it, repeat your affirmations.

Also, if at anytime something you put on there no longer speaks to you any more, don't hesitate to remove it and replace it with what does feel right to you.  It's okay change is good.

 Dream it, Create it, Become it! 


  1. This is so timely for me-tonight I was just ripping out magazines and thinking about what kind of board/boards I want to make-great post! Thank you-and your board is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Michele ;) Glad it inspired you to create one!

  3. I love this! I have only one "power photo" of me and it went missing several years ago... I have to figure out what I would use!

  4. Sara, I had to dig for a "power photo" too and happened to find this one. We are gonna have to start taking more photos of ourselves in our power, more often, so we can have much more to choose from!



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