Friday, June 5, 2015

Creating on a Different Kind of Canvas...

I spent the week preparing fiber

and doing a lot of dyeing!  For those who don't know we own Alpacas and have a Fiber Arts and Tool business.  We sell our products mostly on Etsy, but there are a few Fairs and Shows we do throughout the year.  One of which is coming up in a few weeks, the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR.

The boys have been busy making 

the various tools we offer to take to the show.  Tools that are used to process fiber, like Blending
Boards, Combs and Hackles, Dizs, and other spinning accessories.

We also sell fiber and finished products

such as fingerless gloves, hats, Nuno scarves etc.  We like to use a variety of fiber some in their natural colors others we dye.   And that's what I did this week!

I mostly enjoyed the Ice Dyeing...

This is a technique my hubby learned a few years ago.  It's super fun and the patterns you get from the ice melting is super cool.  These are some silk scarves I'm dyeing here on the right, which I'll be using in my Nuno felting which I plan to tackle over the weekend!

I had so much fun that I ended up dyeing a white sweat shirt that I had hanging around!  The picture above below the title is the sweat shirt with the ice and dye on it...to the left is how it turned out, pretty awesome huh?

Here is the first finished batch...the rest still needs to sit over night!  Aren't they yummy?

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  1. I love the effects of the ice dyeing add that to the list of things I want to try now! And the colors of that yarn are so lovely!!!



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