Friday, May 1, 2015

The 4 M's to Shifting Your Energy...

Though I've been busy the last few weeks with getting new production complete for the shop and getting the new book I'm collaborating in, published; I have felt flat, stressed and living from a scarcity mindset.  It's times like this when the tools in my Medicine Bag come in handy.

First and foremost, I have to share that to me it's important...

to feel the emotions that are coming up...if I need to cry...I cry, scream...I scream...whatever it is I allow myself to feel them.  Even if it's Cave time that I need...I take it.  Cave time, by the way is a term I picked up from Leonie Dawson.  Cave time is when I take time for introspection.  Being an introvert sometimes I need solitude to get back to me.  Despite wanting to connect and share, sometimes I feel a little dried up sort of speak.  Having Cave time helps me avoid burnout.

Anyway, I learned the hard way what happens when we stuff our feelings down and not release them or nurture our souls.  I know who I am well enough to know that feeling passionless, unmotivated, lazy, etc is not who I truly am.  So, then I start by identifying the cause.  I explore what brought me to this place, did something trigger me?  Most of the times, in my case, it's that I feel I'm not in control of something...as much as I hate to admit it...I am a control freak, though I am getting better at going with the flow. There are times in life though, where we have little to no control, but we can always control our reactions and our thoughts and in doing so...we create the change we want.  BUT sometimes, like most of us, I get stuck.

That's when I turn to the tools that will help me move through it...

and shift my energy.  I have what I call the four M's, that help me come out the other end.

~ Meditation

I remind myself that no matter the challenge...I have all the answers inside me.  Sometimes in the heat of the moment...I momentarily forget (you know, fall back into the victim mode).  That's when my Spiritual Team steps in and sends me subtle or sometimes not so subtle reminders.  I don't have to seek out a new workshop/program or teacher...despite my love of learning.  There are times we need to seek our own council.  I'm a true believer that we are co-creators of our lives.  What we think we manifest, by changing our thoughts, we can transform our life.  Meditation is one way I connect with my Higher-self and Spiritual Team.  I meditate in various ways...from chanting and guided meditations in my Sacred Space, sitting outside barefoot breathing or even meditating in bed before I rise or go to sleep.  Stopping and connecting is the key, how you do it is up to you.  But it seems at times when I need that connection the most...is when I let my practice fall to the wayside.  Still trying to understand why, still learning to embrace it more during times like these.

~ Movement

Be it through simply walking or dancing alone, to taking a Yoga class or Transdancing with a group. Moving my body helps things to process through me and move out.  I love my personal Yoga sacred practice but by changing it up and taking a class in town, it takes it to another level and I'm more inspired to take my own practice deeper.  Simply walking also moves energy that's stuck, changes the scenery of being indoors and opens up our senses to nature all around us.  I'm also slowly incorporating dance back into my life, I used to be a dancer but that was another life time.  My extra weight makes me feel self conscious about my body when I dance...so mostly I do it alone.  I not only danced but taught too in my younger years...now, I use dance as a way to manifest and to move energy.  Check out Lisa Michael's  "Conscious Dance" for more information on this practice.

~ Moods

Changing things up and shifting our mood is a game changer.  Did you know feelings like Anger, Grief and Sadness can not exists with feels of Love, Peace and Gratitude?  I use Essential Oils to change my moods...Citrus oils are wonderful because they are uplifting, Flowery oils are joyful and Tree oils are grounding. I diffuse them, wear them and even bath with them.  I talk about what I learned about how Essential Oils can shift our mood in our upcoming new book, Spiritual Self-care, Sacred Practices to Nourish your Soul.

~ Magickal Daily Blessings

Being Grateful...showing gratitude for even the smallest things in life.  It's a simple yet powerful practice, the more we are grateful for, either for what we have or for our experiences, the more things the Universe provides us to be grateful for.  In my Magickal Daily Blessing Sacred Practice another sharing in our book, I share how this practice came to be and how you too can embrace it.

How do you make the shift when you feel flat and unmotivated?  Feel free to share here or join my Facebook page and share there, I'd love to hear what you do.

You can purchase the oils mentioned above and more at Moonlight Essentials.  If you want to learn more about Essential Oils, feel free to join my Facebook Group where we share and discuss our uses of these gifts from our Mother Earth.

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  1. Great tips Allurynn! I too learned the magic of dance from Lisa I love how easy it can be to shift energy through conscious dance.



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