Friday, April 17, 2015

Empowering Essential Oils for the New Moon

Photo was taken on January 20, 2012 in Horsham, England, GB.
Copy Credit : John Skouros
I love harnessing the Moon's energy in it's various phases to empower me on my life journey. As I prepare for the upcoming New Moon tomorrow, I thought I'd share one of my Moon rituals. The New Moon is all about Beginnings. It's a time to harness the motion and flow of the Moon's Energy and start a new project, make investments or purchases, start new jobs, incorporate a new habit or change in your life.  It's a perfect time to revisit your vision and explore new ways that will help you move closer to it.

Dreaming Big is something I encourage everyone to do... 

but to do so takes courage. New beginnings though exciting...the outcome is uncertain and we may feel anxiety, unsureness, even fear of what it will bring. Not to mention Change isn't always easy. I suppose the excitement of a new beginning and the fear of the unknown, go hand in hand during times of Manifesting.

I turned to my Principles for guidance...

these are the 11 Principles I've shared with you before that I use in my coaching practice and everyday life. These Principles are building blocks to self-awareness. I chose the ones I felt needed to be juiced up for the purpose of manifesting during the New Moon. The ones that called to me were Change, Action, Vision, Attraction, and Gratitude.

Then I look at the Essential oils related to these Principles...

to empower the work I do during the New Moon and to soothe the emotions that arise during the transition. The oils I felt called to use are oils that allow for flow, cultivate enthusiasm and action, empower, and open me up. Here are some of the oils I frequently use:

Cypress ~ Oil of Motion and Flow
Rosemary ~ Oil of Knowledge and Transition
Tangerine ~ Oil of Cheer and Creativity
Wild Orange ~ Oil of Abundance
Cilantro ~ Oil of Releasing Control
Clary Sage ~ Oil of Clarity and Vision
Ginger ~ Oil of Empowerment
Roman Chamomile ~ Oil of Spiritual Purpose


is what I see as the main New Moon Essential oil. It works in the heart and mind creating fluid energetic flow. It promotes confidence allows you to set aside worries and let go of control. Teaching you to have the perfect Trust in the flow of life.


Aides us in time of transition and change. Also helps us feel confident in the face of change, reminding us to trust in a higher power than ourselves.

Tangerine and Wild Orange...

are wonderful choices as they are both uplifting and optimistic. Tangerine is uplifting and encourages us to tap into our Creativity. Assisting us to access our abundant pool of creativity within our spirit. Then assists us in allowing that energy to flow through our hearts and into physical manifestation. Wild Orange reminds our soul of the unlimited abundance found all around us. It inspires limitless solutions for our challenges and helps us let go of limiting beliefs with all our manifestations.


helps us shed what no longer serves our Higher Self.  Helps us release worry and control; assisting us to center in our True Self.

Clary Sage...

assists in releasing feelings of vulnerability and confusion, opening our soul to new possibilities and experiences. It assists in clearing blocks and distractions from our mind. It allows us to open up to dreaming big and increases our ability to visualize new possibilities.


empowers us to fully be present in our lives, seeing ourselves as creators. Over coming procrastination, encouraging action.

Roman Chamomile...

supports us in discovering and living our true life purpose. It eases our over active ego mind and restores confidence. It helps us connect to our Spirit Guides.

How I use the Essential Oils in my New Moon rituals...

~ Diffusing the oils in your Sacred Space is a perfect way to empower your intentions. You can diffuse it the day before as you are preparing your intention, the day of and the day after. I love diffusing them as I'm writing my intentions and placing them in my Reiki box.

Inhaling is another way, you can wear a personal diffuser, which is a convenient way to carry the scent with you during the 3 days of the New Moon phase. You can inhale it when ever you feel the desire to. Check out Creations by Moonlight's Personal diffusers.

I also like to add them to a ritual bath. Be sure to use the amazing yet powerful essences safely. Do your research, some oils may cause irritation to the skin. Always mix them with an emulsifier or dispersant such as sea salt, body oils and gels.

Whether or not you choose to create a ritual around the New Moon, I would invite you to always set an intention. Write it in your journal. Create a New Moon collage in your journal or even a Art Journal page. Be creative, cultivate a sacred practice to manifest your desires and create your most Vibrant Juicy Life!

A little Moonlit Pearl of Inspiration ~ do your research when purchasing your oils.  I only use pure therapeutic grade essential oils, meaning it contains no chemicals or fillers such as alcohol, additive, or synthetics; just pure plant essence.  Also their purity assures higher vibrational frequency.

Reference: Emotions and Essential oils Reference Guide.


  1. Very interesting! I have a few essential oils, but I don't have any of these. I'll keep an eye out for them when I next go to the shops. Thanks for sharing the info.

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