Monday, March 30, 2015

Serenity by the Sea

I spent the latter part of Spring Break week on the coast, taking in the salty air and all it's amazing energy.  When I'm by the sea I feel safe, I'm home...much like the fog in this picture I took, I feel all the craziness of the world is left just outside of it's boundaries...for at this moment in time, it can't touch me.  I'm at peace, I found my Serenity.  Where do you go to feel safe, where do you feel like you're home?

We had a day full of clouds and rain...

but as my lover said, even the rainy weather on the coast has a mysterious feel to it.  To me, it's magickal, even in the mists of a dreary day you can still feel the energy and the magick all around you.  Here in the Pacific Northwest I have found my soul home...it has called to me for many years. And it took 13 of those years to finally move here and let me tell you, I feel blessed every single day.

We live an hour away from the coast...an hour too far in my opinion.  But I really can't complain, because between here and the coast, I get to drive through the Faerie forests of the Pacific Northwest, as well as the edge of the Redwoods all of it is magickal.  There's a reason they call this area the Mystic Corridor.

But it's here by the sea...

that my soul is nourished.  Whenever I need to ground and recharge here is where it happens.  It's like rebooting for me, you know like when your computer needs to reboot to recover from an error and come back to itself, to a neutral place and start anew. Yes, that's what it feels like coming back to myself and starting anew with clarity.

How about you?

Do you have a place where you go to nourish your soul?  To ground, recharge and find clarity?

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