Sunday, September 15, 2013

Being Willing to Ask...

Beautiful Oregon Beach

There are some who find their place in the world and walk their path early on in life...as if they always knew who they were meant to be in the world.  For me, though it's always been right in front of me, it took me a while before I was in a place where I was ready to embrace it and fully step into it.  I've been on an incredible journey, not only finding my place in the world and embracing my calling; but also growing in ways I never dreamt of.  From the day I was awakened to my calling and I said YES... I have continued living in a space of being open and allowing for Divine guidance.  One of many lessons I learned these past few months...is that for you to be able to get what you want or need you have to be willing to ask for it.  This lesson has shown up for me over and over again, from the moment I wanted to know my calling, to now asking for support.

My journey has taken me on the path

of becoming a Reiki practitioner, an Essential Oils educator, and a practitioner of Energy Clearing, obtaining my Holistic Coaching certification, defining my business even further and now I've been accepted into the ARTbundance  Coach Certification
Gifts from my Totem Animal
Training program (ACT 10). Whose philosophy is an innovative approach of self-discovery through creativity, and you all know what a creative at heart I am and how I found so much healing through art.

It's based on their 9 Principles Gratitude, Intuition, Balance, Choice, Vision, Action, Attraction, Connection, and Service teaching unique exercises that use art and creativity as a conduit for exploration and transformation.  It totally spoke to me and I knew it was the answer to the questions I was willing to ask..."what next and where do I go from here".

Want to get a taste of the Artella community, sponsor for Artbundance?  Here's a free download for you with lots of other goodies to explore at the end.

Download a FREE copy of the Artella eBook, Peace by Piece: Collage Your Way to Inner Peace and Harmony. This workbook guides you through several collage projects, each one designed to bring you closer to your true self and your powerful ability for manifesting your dreams and desires. Download your copy here!

I am both thrilled and terrified

as I embark on this new amazing journey, but I know I won't be alone since it's clear to me that I was guided to this training, by my Spirit Allies, for a reason. Now, again I was willing to ask and so on top of my application being accepted, I was also blessed with being granted a scholarship, (which I'm very grateful for, since without it I would not have been able to attend), but the remainder of my tuition still needs to be met.  And so, here I am again...at that place where being willing to ask, no matter how hard it is, can make a difference...so I've decided to raise my tuition money by asking for support through offering a 25% off coupon to everything in my shop!

I'm saying YES,

Diffuser pendants

and once again I'm pushing through my fear and comfort zone as I move forward on my path; and take my place along side the rest of the healers as I offer my gifts to the world as well.  So, I'm asking for your support, whether you've had an eye on one of my shop offerings or are new to my work, come on over to my shop look around and help support my journey!

Enter Code ARTLOVE13


at check out and you'll get 25% off your entire order.

Pendulum bracelets

Feel free to share this coupon with your friends. My goal is $800.00, donations are welcome as well, if you feel so moved.

Stamped charms

Creative Blessings to you all...thank you for looking, sharing, shopping and thank you for being in my life!

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