Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I recently joined Lori-Lyn's Wings 11 days of Fae.  I loved her "Dancing with the Faeries" eKit...so I could not resist joining her in playing with the fae once again!  So yesterday I was inspired to create my Faerie alter...ooooh what fun I had.

I just spent 3 wonderful days full of hART with some amazing women

It was exactly the inspiration and healing that I needed.  After my move here to Oregon 3 months ago, I've been so unsettled and out of sorts, it's been really hard for me to dive deeply into art, so this gave me that kick I needed and now I can't stop creating.  Last night I completed the pennant that I started over the weekend. I also worked on the pages of the book we bound too!

So, today was the second day of Wings... 

and I realized I had yet to create my little faerie alter.  With all the creative juices I have flowing through me it didn't take much time to put it together.  I took a cigar box and lined it with some Gelli plate paper I made this weekend at the retreat.  We also made tape from the left over paint on the plate and that was perfect to use to line the outside of the box.

Of course I had to use some seashells...

so I made a little fountain decorated with little seashells I collected when I lived in Hawaii, many years ago. Filled the box with lots of moss and made a little pathway out of stone.  I took a golf tee and put one of my son's marbles on it and made a little gazing ball and also wrapped three more marbles in wire and place them as decorations on the far corner, both ideas I got from the web.

I made a little bench...

out of a flat seashell and a piece of bark and filled a small little box I had made of purple heart and black walnut woods, with lavender buds and tiny little gems, there's peridot, amethyst, pearls, mother of pearl, snake skin agate and a garnet.

Then I took a twig,

and made some tiny prayer flags to hand on it.  They have the Ganesh Mantra ~ Om Gam Ganapatayei Namaha written in Sanskrit on them.  Added purple ribbon on the box, with a gold little trim and a music note butterfly.  This was sooo much fun to make and ready for some magickal visitors!


  1. Oh wow. This is breathtaking! I want to shrink myself down and walk around in there! Thank you for sharing this. xxoo

  2. Thanks Lori-Lyn. I had so much fun creating this little sweet space, that I want to make more! LOL Thanks for the inspiration <3



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