Friday, June 7, 2013

Everyday is a New Beginning...

There's still many more boxes to unpack but instead I find myself trying to catch up on all the messages, emails and newsletters I've miss in the past 2 weeks.  Which honestly seems frivolous, too far behind.  I didn't realize I'd be set back this much.  It's taken much longer than I thought to settle into our new place, much unexpected stuff but doing my best to go with the flow...everyday is a new beginning right?

I've been sitting on my back porch...

which seems it's where I've been spending my mornings the last few days, as I try to get some sense of normality and a routine back.  It's where I drink my morning Chai and eat breakfast another thing that fell to the way side...eating on a regular schedule that is.  I found myself forgetting to eat or putting it off to the last minute when I would start bonking from hunger.  Likewise trying to remember to drink plenty of water hasn't been easy either.

The other morning I came out to the backyard 

and saw what I thought, were goats in our barn...lol  They were actually deer, the deer here are much, much smaller than what I'm used to in Colorado.  So are the woodpeckers...back in CO we had what everyone called flickers...orange and black woodpeckers...here they have the black and white ones, with red heads like Woody Woodpecker ;)

I finally made my first home cooked meal, the other day.  

It was nice to settle into the kitchen and cook up some homemade spaghetti sauce.  Had a nice sit down dinner with the family later that evening.

It's been fun exploring our fields, finding wonderful little flowers blooming here and there, as well as lots of blackberry bushes which seem to grow everywhere.  Not to mention an over grown garden; I would love to get some veggies and herbs going in there, but it's gonna take a lot to get it up to par.

We have some wonderful scented roses growing in the yard, 

looks like the mountain roses from home, which scent our whole home as the wind blows through them and into the house.  I've noticed there are a lot of flora here that I thought were only found in the high mountain dessert, like sage brush, lupine, columbine and such, though there are some differences, it's not so different after all :)  So little by little we're making our new home our own.

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