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The Magick of Affirmations and Essential Oils...

Put a few drops of Wild Orange on your forearms,rub them
together and say the affirmation above!

Affirmations...what are they...they are positive statements you can say to re-phrase negative talk.  When you say them out loud and you use the "I or I am" statements, your cells hear that information and respond. If you repeat these statements over and over again and anchor them with essential oils you can actually change the programing that is in your body, it's pretty amazing really.  We all have picked up, negative talk, whether consciously or unconsciously...so repeating positive affirmations is one way to help us de-story them.  Everything is energy, we can not destroy energy but we can de-story them...taking away the old stories and create a new stories that are positive and empowering.

I've been working my way through Susan Lawton's and Rebecca Linder Hintze's book "Living Healthy and Happily Ever After"...a book about using affirmations and essential oils for healing.  It's a wonderful and informative book and I'm loving every bit of it.  I've been practicing affirmations...by planting their seeds and feeding them with positive thoughts and energy with the help of essential oils.

Wild Orange in combination with Frankincense essential oils...

open your cell receptors...and believe it or not...cells respond to what you say.  That's right...so, if you say "oh it's winter season and I always get a sinus infection every winter"...than sure enough your cells will believe it and your body will comply.  Instead use the combo above or other essential oils who's vibration is in line with your positive affirmation and practice re-phrasing your comment to a positive affirmation like "I am healthy" or better yet say "this winter I am going to have proper nutrition and vitamins and I'm going to stay healthy and be well" and speak it out loud!  Much like the law of attraction we don't attract what we want, we attract who we are...so be the change you want ;)  Sound familiar?

We all have a story...

a story that keeps us anchored in our past.  Our cells record information all the time, so when our past stories creep up and we play them over and over again in our minds, that is what runs our daily lives. You know the stories...this or that happend to me and I can't move on...or I'm still mad at so and so, etc.

Replaying abusive situations or trumas from the past can actually be unhealthy. Causing us stress and keeping our bodies in an acid state, which causes us to practice unhealthy habits which eventually leads to ill health.  That's not to say you shouldn't sit with a therapist and work through these issues, that in itself can be very healthy and healing...just stop replaying them in YOUR mind.  I myself have been a victim of this act.

When we practice de-storying...

giving ourselves new positive information and de-storying these old stories...we create shifts...positive shifts that rock our worlds and change our lives.  Along with making healthy food choices and choosing a healthy life style, Essential Oils can help you chemically achieve these changes as well...putting your body in an alkaline state.  There are many studies that show a body in an alkalinity state will not allow any sickness,  bacteria or even cancer to grow, pretty amazing, huh?

Remember...you have the choice to tell a different story...

by staying heart centered and in a place of gratitude...sharing the small miracles that occur everyday, instead of reliving the old stories.  Remember our cells move on and we are always creating new ones...instead of having them keep recording that old story...de-story your story... tell them a new more positive one instead. 

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If you find this to be difficult...I invite you to journal.  Ask your self why you keep choosing to relive the old story? What is it that you are getting out of it?  Why do you keep hanging on to it?  Or what would you have to let go of in order for this change to show up?  This will help you become aware of your feelings and help you move on.  I know, it's scary to move on sometimes, even when we know it's the best thing for us.  But, this is how we heal, this is how we grow and return to our true selves.

Essential oils and Affirmations are a wonderful tool to create empowering shifts...

Dr. Lawton suggest this blend and affirmation...4 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Clary Sage, 4 drops Lime.  Apply this blend behind the ears over your heart and solar plexus chakra and say..."I am aware of what is going on inside of me, I release the past, I am free to see the truth and be happy my way."  We can even use this to de-story those deep seated untruths and beliefs we have, like...we are not good enough, we are not enough, we are not deserving of happiness, we are not lovable, etc.  Being kind and compassionate for others is hard and takes courage but some of us still do it, but it takes much more to offer that same level of kindness and compassion to ourselves.  Don't you think it's time we do just that...show ourselves the love we deserve.

Seeking positive attitude....

generating positive thought and focus is another blend and affirmation Dr. Lawton shares...blend 4 drops each of Bergamot, Lemon and 3 drops each of Basil and Geranium, apply it to your heart chakra...she even suggests we put it on a terra cotta necklace diffuser, so the fragrance is always present because, she says, that even the people around us will also benefit from this.  Say this affirmation:  "I trust myself to make good decisions for me, I can complete what I start." 

Another powerful blend...

Three drops each of Sandalwood, Grapefruit, and Basil...blended and applied to your heart chakra and back of neck.  She shares that Sandalwood holds the heart center vibration...our true self.  Grapefruit breaks up the obstacles and carries the message of "can do" while Basil renews and refreshes.  Say this affirmation:  "I trust that I can hear my inner most thoughts clearly and I own my thoughts, I think positive". 

Don't stop here, get to know the oils and use the beautiful vibrations they offer to help you lift your own vibrational energy.  I myself am still on this journey of learning and embracing positive affirmations and de-storying my stories...I hope my sharings inspires you to take your firsts steps to do the same ♥

I've created a mini ebook to assist you in creating powerful Affirmations through Deep Play...take a look and see if it speaks to you...11 Steps for Creating Affirmations using 11 Principles.

Blends and affirmations as shared by Dr. Lawton, post inspired by "Living Healthy and Happily Ever After."

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