Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Sacred Goddess Journey...

I had a huge emotional release today...I listened to two songs that I have been listening to for the past couple months...but today I listened to them from a different place...I listened from a heart centered place...a place I'm starting to live into...accepting who I am inside and out...and...their lyrics moved me to tears, a deep hard cry really.

As a Goddess Sister had recently suggested to another sister...

I let myself cry, letting it wash the pain and the wounds, and let those tears be blessed with the holy water and unconditional love of the Goddess (Havi's words). All I can say is...it was POWERFUL!

A year or so ago I found my way an audio series, High Priestess Training, which ignited something in me...something that was a dying ember...my inner Goddess light. Rose Cole the author of the training defines the High Priestess archetype as...

"The High Priestess symbolizes serenity, wisdom, understanding and knowledge,...

From the Wizard's Tarot
an instinctual secret knowledge, she has a willingness to illuminate what otherwise may not be seen". "She has the ability to learn and to teach, she represents the perfect woman that all men want, she also trusts herself, she's attuned to her heart and to her emotions...she walks through life with grace and ease and she isn't afraid to shine."  In these audios she shared an archetype system of levels which she states we all go through and at times fall back into....starting with a "Slave Girl...depicting our lower self, stuck in drama and conflict, our reaction mode, when we feel enslaved by our life, a victim...when one thing bad happens to us after another.  Then there's the Chambermaid, a zone of competence as described by Gay Hendricks, in his book the Big Leap.  Life is okay and we are getting by...we have a job, partner, family...but we are not fulfilling our true life purpose...although we ARE getting by.  Then there's the Queen...Gay Hendricks calls this the Zone of excellence. When life is going well...you have a great partner and friends, you have a great life." Well, Rose takes it to the next level she believes there is the level of the High Priestess...which is bringing in the secret knowledge of the Universe and this consciousness that is other worldly...not only mastering our own life but also be able to teach and show others and pass on this knowledge.  Claiming we are not here for ourselves but for the higher good of the whole planet.

This totally spoke to me...

because I realized I lived most of my life in the Slave Girl level and most of the time would get stuck finding it difficult to move through it.  As I explained in my one and only video I ever made (which I hope to explore making more of)...when our inner Goddess Sparkles and we walk the path of what I call the Goddess path...we have the ability to created all sorts of miracles both big and small and inspire others to do the same.  In fact at times I've moved mountains and have continued to do so with my partner...but I also find myself falling back into the Chambermaid...being content but not happy or worse yet falling into the Slave Girl level.

Now...in her recordings she referred to a variety of things to do to elevate our vibration and STAY at that High Priestess level...one of them was energy work and removing Trapped Emotions (TE).  That's when I realized that even though we move forward through these levels...life happens and when it does it triggers these TEs that were associated with past happenings, making us fall back down again into the Slave Girl level.  Of course these audios led to a $25,000 total life transforming program.  Where all of the various subjects were explored in depth to help you transform your life. From what I heard and read it was just that, it was amazing to see the changes in these women.  But for me, no matter how much I thought that it was a wonderful personal investment...there was no freakin' way I could ever invest that much money, not on our financial budget...and so...I found myself stopped and it becoming an unattainable dream.  But...despite not knowing the how, I was totally open to Divine guidance and inspiration.

One of the things Rose shared that stuck with me...

is the importance of healing our physical bodies...she referred to our bodies as light bulbs and said we are taking in 1000 watts of Divine love, joy, inspiration and energy and then trying to put it into a 30 watt light bulb...which was our body, a bulb that is not strong enough and it short circuits.  I believe this happens because of the lack of self-love and self-care...we allow stress and life's challenges to bring us down to the Slave Girl level, where we can't feel let alone embrace our inner light. 

My recent health issues has drew me closer and closer to natural medicine, to both relieve chronic and acute pain and to taking control of my health and emotional state.  What I found was when a hardship hit...it just led to another and another...why? because that one hardship no matter how big or small would trigger the emotions I had yet to release and that would spiral me into depression, stress, sadness putting me in a negative state of mind which of course can only attract more negativity.

I have always been drawn to holistic healing...

balancing the mind, body and spirit...and through the use of Essential Oils, I'm doing just that.   I also continued to explore energy healing and as always...the Universe finds a way to provide that which we want most, be it positive or negative, it all depends on how much energy we put into creating it...and sometimes it doesn't show up in the way or even in the time frame you think it will...but it most always shows up in a bigger better way.

As it did with me...I found my way to an Essential Oil company and through the use of the Essential Oils I'm learning how truly powerful the essential oils are at balancing our emotions...shifting our moods and even assist in releasing TEs and using affirmations to shift our thought process, which assists in raising our vibrations.  Then, earlier this year the Universe brought Ali from Sea a Place of Love into my life through my Twin Spirit and dear friend Sara.  Ali is an intuitive healer and energy worker...and yes, through her I found the energy healing TE release that I was looking for, for so long.  I can not recommend her programs and healing gifts enough.

Aside from the oils and the energy healing...I've continued to use Art as a healing tool too. 

Painting the Goddess Within...still in the process of emerging
I have found much healing through my Art.  I remain open and let the Universe continue to guide me on my healing path.  Though all this work and learning I'm doing is often painful both physical and emotional...I find that I'm awaking, that something is shifting, stirring...which is all leading to me moving forward and fulfilling my life purpose.  Like Ali told me after I shared this morning's experience with her "it's not always easy and can be painful but it is kind of like giving birth, once you are through it all, you won't remember the pain...even the pain from the past will feel like another lifetime...and you will be free...in a whole new space and place."

I, like many of you, have often found myself in the past asking "why me?".  Now I find myself asking how?, how can I heal and move forward, how can I make a difference, but not only that, how can I teach every women I come in contact with that she too can do the same...and I continue to open my heart and let the Universe show me.

I aspire to live my life from a place of grace and ease...and to whole heartily be open to and embrace my inner Goddess light and in doing so, empower and inspire other women to do the same...because I believe we have the power to create and manifest not only for ourselves but for the world's highest good.

So...my journey continues...

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  1. Gorgeousness! I love how you encapsulated your journey so beautifully.



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