Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Healing and Dancing with Faeries

I recently had the pleasure of indulging in a lovely eKit by Lori-Lyn Hurley..."Dancing with Faeries".  It's a wonderful collection of recipes, tips and wisdom about Faeries; and the perfect tool to get you in touch with Mother Earth and Nature's Angels.  It totally reminded me how deep my connection with Faeries has been all my life.  Ever since I can remember I was drawn to them, collected art and figurines, wore their figures as jewelry, you name it, I had it.   This wonderful kit awoken my inner child and I wanted to play again...
A couple years back while I was having some healing done, I was told that I am surrounded my elementals, and thus I have a strong connection with them.  Lori-Lyn herself said to me...

"I've always associated you with Faeries, and so it doesn't surprise me that you have such an affinity for them."

And thus, I couldn't resist to dive into her new eKit!

Afterwards I couldn't wait to take my little one out for a Miracle Walk, as we call them, only this time with the intention of finding Faeries.  We rent a 5 acre ranch where we raise our Alpacas and Hubby had told me that he saw some mushrooms out in the far field by our big Cottonwood tree...and so off we went.  On our journey we found plenty of mushrooms along the way and then literally came upon a Faerie Ring...which I learned from Lori-Lyn's kit that they...

"occupy a prominent place in European folklore....and according to lore, a fairy ring appears when a fairy appears and will disappear without a trace... "

as we finally reached our beautiful tree, we noticed it had a wonderful little Faerie den, which of coure, we inspected for Faeries.  As with all my trees I laid my hands on it and spent time with it. Then decided to take some photos of it's beautiful limbs and leaves...when I came back home and looked at the pictures...I saw we caught a shot of a beautiful Faerie, on a leaf  :)

Do you see it?

Did you know about 80% of people believe in Angels, but only very few believe Faeries are real?  I learned that in my first book on Faeries..."Healing with the Faeries" by Doreen Virtue.  She says, "Faeries are God's guardian Angels of nature, and they ensure the health and safety of animals, plants and Mother Earth."  They also help and direct us, bringing with them a sense of magick, playfulness and romance into our lives.

I've often thought I have Fae blood...and after reading Lori-Lyn's eKit questions she poses under "Are you Fae?" and then searching online and finding I can answer Yes to 99% of these...I'm convinced my hunch is right...

  • Green was your favourite colour as a child.
  • You often have dreamed of floating or flying.
  • You have lots of energy at night and are described as a 'night person'.
  • You might tend toward some type of vegetarianism, have a sensitive digestive system. 
  • Love dairy, butter, cheese, bread.
  • You love the smell of mint.
  • Seem to have a natural 'way' with plants and animals.
  • Love shiny rocks and minerals... especially crystals!
  • You prefer to be in nature and seem to draw energy from it.
  • You are drawn to the wonderful creation and power of the night sky.
  • You prefer wood to metal or other types of furnishings and personal items.
  • You have a curious spiritual mind.
  • You are fascinated by gardens, Bluebell Flowers and Foxgloves.
  • You have a great degree of natural intuition and may even be a healer - even an empath.
  • You like fog and feel a strange connection to the elements.
  • No matter what your age, you continually are fascinated by bubbles, dandelion seeds and snowflakes floating in the air.
  • Generally happy and optimistic about life.
  • People with Faery Blood have an unusual and eternally youthful voice.
  • You have always had an interest in these types of Legends and stories.

....so are you Fae?

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