Monday, July 30, 2012

Magickal Monday Adornments~Stamped Inspirations

There are times when one hits some rough stops in one's life and all too often forget...forget to breathe, forget our dreams, or forget we are never alone.  These past 6 weeks have been like that for me.  Suffering through so much physical pain and discomfort on top of dealing with financial stress.  But those are also the times when Miracles happen and break throughs occur.

And so...through the darkness a little light shown through...   

Giving birth so some wonderful and fun new pieces for my shop.  During these weeks, I found myself relying on the lessons I've learned so far this year...simple reminders.  Which then lead me to think about how to make those reminders more present, of course putting stickie notes on my mirrors, frig, computer and where ever else is a great idea but so is wearing it or hanging them for our car review mirror and key chains.   Thats where it hit me, I've been thinking about some new and exciting pieces and I saw how popular stampings were up at the Telluride Artist Market.  So, that's when I thought...you're a pretty creative gal, I know you can come up with something fun and pretty...Goddessie like yet hip and modern. 

That's when my Stamped Inspirations came to me.  I've created a Limited Edition of a few sayings in necklace form, that resonate with me as powerful reminders during my time of need.  I have lots more sketches and ideas for key chains and simple leather cord pendants...but for now I'm introducing you to my first creations.

Of course, there are many more sayings out there and I would love to hear what some of your's are!

Remembering I'm not alone is something I was reminded of when Mentoring with Lori-Lyn from Dream Life Studios.  Her loving gentle guidance and wonderful wisdom was exactly what I needed to kick off my year.  Learning to work with my Guides and Angels reminded me that "I am never alone".  I further delved into my communication with Angels and Faeries (Nature's Angels) through Sheri Ann Ponzi's "Angels in my Studio".

Doing Soulodge: A Sanctuary for Women with Pixie Campbell reminded me of my  wild and free spirit and to follow my dreams no matter what...were also great reminders.

But I believe the most powerful one was "Just Breathe"

...much too often in the mists of those rough patches, I find myself holding my breath forgetting to breathe deep, as well as forgetting to slow down and spend time outside barefoot (one of my most favorite things to do) and connect with Mother Earth allowing her to ground me and fill me up with her healing energy. 

As you all know I love going barefoot and I so was hoping to be able to finance the Barefoot Breathing eCourse by Jackie Stewart.  But with all the financial crises going on right now for us it would take a huge miracle for me to be able to pull it off.  But that's okay...she offers many beautiful free meditations and such through her site that it will do for now...but of course I had to make one declaring I'm a "Barefoot Breather"!

Meditation and my Yoga practices, were also life savers for me during this rough spot.  But, with my mouth pain I couldn't do some of my poses, and when I got frustrated and stopped for a few days, my 5 year old asked me why...then said "You can still do it Mom"!...and said "just don't put your head down, don't do the one's that make your mouth hurt"....out of the mouth's of babes, right?  In case you've not figured it out yet...I'm an all or nothing kind of gal.  I like to give my 100% in all I do, I don't like half assing it if you know what I mean...but sometimes that is self defeating.

And so...I'm learning to let go...just be...and move forward.

I still have more dental work ahead of me, but I believe the most painful part has passed.  Oh, and about those Miracles I mentioned...yes, once again the Universe provided us with a Miracle...I was able to get Medical Financing to cover the thousands I've had to invest in my mouth... and though I don't know how we are gonna mange to pay it back...once again I'm reminded about my word for the year and to Trust...that all will be well and this too shall pass.



  1. I'm so sorry that you've been in pain and so thankful for your miracles. These pieces are absolutely beautiful. I can feel their energy from here. Love. xoxox.

  2. I am visiting from the link at Goddess Circle -- love your blog -- your jewelry is beautiful, as are your yarn and wool creations over on your website!

  3. Thank you and welcome Diana! Yes, our fiber creations are from our Alapacas. We raise our fur babies, process, dye, spin their fiber and create the finished product all here on our Ranch.



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