Monday, June 11, 2012

Magickal Monday Adornments ~ Boho Bracelets

Yep, I'm introducing two new Boho Bracelets to my collection, that I've recently created and just listed.  Been busy creating more work for the Telluride Artisan Market coming up next week.   But one of my artist friends Michelle, you can check out her shop Greenwoman Healing Arts on Etsy too, (while there check out her knitted Goddesses...Lovely!) suggested I make some natural colored ones. So here they are...the one above is Amber and Gold Pearls and this one is in Pearls and Agates.

I'm a little nervous and excited all at once about the up coming market.  Shows, markets and fairs are always overwhelming for me, for various reason.  First of all, it's hit or miss whether or not my creations will do well in them.

The other reason is that I'm an introvert/extrovert, if that makes any sense.  I don't do well in crowds of strangers, I feel like I get bombarded from all the energy, so I tend to "zip up" around crowds.  That of course comes off as me not being very friendly, which is quite the opposite, cos' I am really friendly, lol  After the birth of my second child, when I would be around large crowds I would feel weird, mostly headaches, felt drained, kind of off, that's when it all started for me.  At first, I wasn't sure what was happening, then after learning about our energy bodies and how we can take on others energy, well, I learned to "zip up" creating a barrier so that I don't take on others or give away my own energy.

The other reason...which is irrational but I suppose we all have some sort of irrational fears, it's sort of ridiculous really, but I get all frazzled when I have to deal with money...well, making change that is.  As a child I was drilled constantly about math, especially making change.  Even now, after I've learned how and having numerous cashier jobs (though I never really enjoyed them) it still triggers something inside me, which makes me feel stressed and nervous.   But it's all good.  I'll sharing a booth with my neighbor another fellow artisan she's so awesome, she's a big reason I'm doing the market, she feels my work will do well up there and has encouraged me to go.  We're quickly becoming good friends and she knows my secret, lol, and said she'd support me through it :)  So, though I'm a little nervous, I am grateful to be able to be doing this Market.  Marketing/selling isn't my strong suit when it comes to owning my own business but practice makes perfect right?


  1. These are beautiful! I hope all goes well with the market - I can get an energy overload from crowds, so I have to 'zip up' or do other protective things in situations like that. I can get frazzled when making change too!

  2. Wonderful ones! I used to own a bunch of them many years ago. My dad was a jewelry creator and he made many for me, as well as lots of other beautiful adornments! :)) Is the second one with Botswana Agathe? Have a grea Sunday! (oh, I'm coming from Goddess Circle)

  3. Thank Gin, glad I'm not the only one :) Welcome Simona and thank you. Good eye, the large focal stone is Botswana ;)



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