Friday, June 8, 2012

Early Summer

Even though Summer is just around the corner, we've been having some dry, hot Summer weather already.  I'll tell you, I remember Summers lasting forever when I was a kid...but the older I get the faster time seems to be going by.  Guess it has to do with all the responsibilities we take on.  I mean, I look at my little one and he's full of life, all joy, fun, and play, no worries, no responsibilities.  Except for how he should spend his day today.  This has been my view on our walks.  Ty walks the dog and I walk behind the little one riding his bike.  He got a new bike for his birthday, so he's still getting used to it, but he does hold his own.  He rides and I walk along with him for 3 miles (our country blocks are long ;)...we try to it every other day.  Gets us out of the house and outdoors.

It's been two weeks since our Fiber Festival and I still don't feel settled down, I feel totally overwhelmed and scattered.  Having the boys home for Summer vacation adds one more thing, finding things to keep them busy.  Tyler is looking for work but has been doing some house sitting (really ranch sitting) watching over our neighbor's ranch animals while they are on vacation, in between filling out applications and making calls.  I just completed monitoring the first week of the Business Goddess eCourse, which can be overwhelming in itself, cos' there are hundreds of Goddesses attending.  Not to mention I've been gearing up for the Telluride Artisan Market as well as our next Fiber Festival...busy gal, I'll tell you.

So, I decided to just start taking it a day at a time...do what I can and make time for some FUN.  Be it walks, bike rides, visits to the park, or just get out in the backyard and get my meditations in while laying barefoot on the grass of course...

Despite the list of things that need to get done, we've been making time to go to the near by lake on the weekends... spending some family time away from the TV, computers etc.  Which I have to say...having an online business keeps me plugged in a lot more than I care to be...feel like a lot of precious time is spent online.  So I see myself not being so present online this Summer...and having some more family adventures instead....

I also spend as much time as possible barefoot breathing.  Consciously, taking deep breaths, basically remembering to breath...while of course enjoying being barefoot; whether it's in the lake or on the grass.  I believe it may be time for us to do another barefoot painting....hmmm.

Our fruit trees are doing soooo well this year.  Last year we had a late frost that killed all the blossoms, this year even our baby cherry tree has provided fruit and I can tell we are going to have a huge apple harvest this fall.  As with every year I have my herb garden going.  I'm already enjoying the taste of fresh herbs in my light summer dishes.  Had a wonderful bean salad today with yummy herbs, olive oil and balsamic vinegar my fave.

Despite being crazy busy, I have managed to get some art in.  I made this wonderful angel inspired by Cheryl Irwin's video "Paint an Angel like a Goddess".  She's part of the Angels in my studio eCourse and she shares her technique on her site.  Such unique and free flowing technique, that no two Angels/Goddess are alike.

I also worked on week 20 of Life Book.  Granted I'm still behind, but as always, I'm so inspired by the art, the techniques and the awesome sauce that goes on there.  The teachers are amazingly talented and so inspiring.  Here's Doodling with Jodi Ohl...fun, fun, fun....

So I'll leave you with this wonderful quote.  Hope you too are finding ways to enjoy your Summer (or Winter if you are on the Northern Hemi) ♥ 

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  1. Love, love your doodle : ) Hope your summer is beautiful.



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