Saturday, May 12, 2012

Soulistry and 29 Faces

Gorgeous day here today and I enjoyed sitting outside and inhaling the heavenly heavy scent of my lilac bushes; which are so abundant this year compared to last.

Today I completed my art for week two of Soulistry - Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality by June Mack Maffin.  We are visiting this book in our Premium Book of Days group; doing some journaling prompts and arting along.  Week two was about our gifts.  Effy had a wonderful take on this sharing our gifts as being from the Divine and coming to us through our totems.  After doing some soul searching around my gifts, I realized that since I recently discovered how strong my totem gifts have resonated with me I decided to share mine through it as well.   I am drawn to Tribal Tattoos and found these wonderful representations of the Moon and the Panther and collaged them...I really love how it turned out.

Black Panther has been with me since a very young age.  Only recently have I come to understand that "the early life experiences of one with whom Black Panther walks will never be "easy," and mine hasn't been, but my "Inner Strength", another gift from Panther has helped me overcome. I resonate with all of Panther's gifts but the one that stands out the most...is "Authentic" in other words I am who you see I am.  I speak from my heart "tell it like it is"...and that has been a gift and a curse...cos' there are some who don't like that about me.  People either love me or hate me and that's okay cos' the gift of being a "Truth Seer" ( having a keen insight into the reasoning, actions and motives of others) has been getting stronger and it often becomes clear why they don't like me.  I've been finding it interesting how some gifts can be both negative and positive ones and have been learning a lot.

I also completed my 12th face today..

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