Friday, May 11, 2012

Angels in My Studio and Day 11 of 29 Faces

I've been inspired by the Angels in My Studio eCourse I'm taking...I've been really enjoying the journal prompts and the attunements with Micheal are really amazing.  I'm so grateful to be able to take this eCourse, it called to me from the moment I first heard about it...and then the Universe provided a way for me to be able to take it.

and so...here's face #11 another Angel sketch... 

By the way...if you are called to this amazing eCourse please visit Sheri's site Painting Herself into Being for more information.  If you do decide to enroll, please let her know you heard about from me, she's giving away some art supply gift certificates for our referrals and I could sure use some new fun arting supplies.

See ya tomorrow ♥

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