Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Silence...Powerful Healing and 29 Faces

Aside from all the arting I've been doing, I've also been practicing lots of silent meditation.  I've been finding much healing in silence.   When you live a crazy busy life and you're an overachiever, work obsessed, prone to stress type A like me...well you welcome silence.  I'm still learning to still my mind, I have what Hindus call "Monkey Mind"...all that inner dialog and chatter some of us have more than others.  Silent meditation helps me connect to my heart and listen with it while I communicate with my Guides and Angels.  There is so much to be heard in silence.

Today's face reflects that part of me, connecting and listening with my heart...


  1. I simply ADORE this page. We all need to do a little more listening with our hearts! I may have to put that statement in my own journal.

    Thank you for your constant inspiration.

  2. Thanks Michelle...seems I've been getting some wonderful messages from my guides and angels through my art...I'm honored it inspires you ♥



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