Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 22 of 29 Faces

Today I worked on my Life Book lesson 19...a little behind but that's why I love the eCourse we can do it at our own pace.  This week was about being present with ourselves and doing a practice called Focus...then arting it.  We journaled under our art...that's the healing that I get through art journaling, being able to dump it all out good or bad and then arting over it, transforming it....

The phoenix my transformation symbol...I've been wanting change, yet I find myself still holding on to the old...time to breathe, let go and release...


  1. I haven't even made it to lesson 19 yet, UGH! I will though, thank goodness for eCourses, yes?!

    BTW, this is one of my most favorite pages, EVAH! I love the Phoenix and the hanging hearts.

  2. Thanks Dominee and Michelle! Yes, I'm really enjoying Life Book 2012...it's wonderful!



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