Monday, May 21, 2012

Barefoot Breathing and 29 Faces

Given the choice, I go barefoot more than not...in the winter my feet itch to go barefoot outside and feel the grass and earth under my feet.  It's how I connect to the earth and to nature, it's how I feed my soul with Mother Earths's energy and it's how I ground myself to her and release what no longer service me, allowing her to take it and transform it.

I came across Barefoot Breathing through the Goddess Circle.  Where I met Jackie, who describes herself as part faerie, part Celtic Goddess from the wild west coast of Scotland, she uses flower and crystal essences to heal people's emotions.  She along with her partner Jason, a Romani Gypsy created Barefoot Breathing, an eCourse offered through Essence of Wild, offering a soul deep re-connection to the heart of nature...our Mother Earth. 

There's a handful of eCourse I have taken, support and totally believe in and this is one of them...the mission behind what they are doing is so powerful to me..."By developing heart-centered connections with a global community we can heal and honour the earth together" Love it!

The next Barefoot Breathing session starts on May 27th.  I hope to be there, will you be there?

Today I worked on another Angel inspired by Lori Franklin, offering the message I was given today while doing this week's meditation on "Angels in my Studio".

1 comment:

  1. Oh I SO wanted to take this course, alas it did not work out for me. That's ok though, everything happens for a reason!

    But I LOVE this little angel!



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