Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fun Filled Day and 29 Faces

Solar Eclipse 2012 taken by Chelsi Lombardo

Solar Eclipse today!  It was way to sunny here at sunset to see it or photograph it.  Though the sunlight did go dim, the lighting was weird and the shadows were odd and fuzzy the sun was way to bright for pictures. Then my daughter Chelsi text me from Cali where it was a cloudy afternoon and sent me the picture she took above.  Pretty darn cool huh?

We spent most of the day today at Narraguinnep Reservoir with the boys.  It was nice, relaxing and fun.   I saw this awesome tree, barely hanging on to the side of the hill, I suppose with the dry winter we had the reservoir was much lower than usual.

By the end of the afternoon the two youngest were tuckered out...

We came home had a nice barbecue and tried to catch the Eclipse shadows...and of course I got my 20th face done...

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