Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 19 of 29 Faces

Here's face number 19...I'm really enjoying creating these faces.  I believe the practice is phenomenal and I'm definitely getting more confident, they are coming into being more naturally now.  I had fun embellishing her with her headpiece and the pearls in her hair...

Today was an artful day, we spent the earlier part of the day painting the drop spinals we're gonna be selling at the Pagoas Fiber Festival next week.  Hubby has been creating all sorts of handmade wonderful things to include in our booth aside from the fiber and the handmade alpaca fashions that will be there.

I myself have also been gearing up for the Summer Artisan Market that I'll be  doing up in Telluride this Summer.  So, I've been a busy girl but it's all good.  I'll share pictures of my new creations with you all soon ♥

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