Monday, May 28, 2012

Catching up on 29 Faces

I'm back!  We had an awesome weekend at the Pagosa Fiber Festival.  Met some really wonderful people from all over and did well for our first Fiber Festival.  The weather was a little rough as we experienced some very high winds. Had to cinch down the tents with ratchet tie downs and despite using heavy duty spikes, Saturday night's high winds blew so hard it broke one of our spikes in half, luckily the other spikes held strong.   So by the time the day was over we were extremely beat and wind blown.  

Snap shot of the booth before we broke it down on Sunday

Everyone enjoyed seeing pictures of our herd and seeing the process of our fibers from rovings, to yarns to finished products.

Hubby did so well on his demonstration of the use of a Hackle to blend fiber, that we sold out on the Hackles he brought to the show!  My fingerless gloves did well too, they always do, as I can never keep enough of them in the shop...as did the rovings, yarns and felted products.  All in all it was a great fair.

Afterwards we could not leave without treating ourselves to the Pagosa Hot Springs, sitting in the therapeutic mineral healing waters was heavenly.

Of course, despite having a busy weekend I did make time to sketch my daily faces.  I thought I'd have time to post them on my blog in the evenings, but I have to admit by the time we were done and got back to the hotel I was beat.

So, you get to see the 4 faces today...

Face 25

Face 26

Face 27

Face 28
One more face to go and I made it through the 29 Faces challenge!


  1. I am so impressed with everything you do and I am envious of your going to the hot springs. I have to do that some day. Hugs

  2. Thanks Maryann, I do have a busy life...but I so enjoy all I'm doing. Yes, the Hot Springs were amazing...pricey but sooo worth it.

  3. Thanks for sharing pictures, glad you had a good and successful time and made it home safely!
    LOVE your faces! ESPECIALLY face 28!!

  4. Thanks Michelle, it was a nice experience for our first festival. Yes, 28 is one of my fave too. I looking forward to taking the time next month to paint in all the sketched faces I did during the Challenge.



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