Friday, April 13, 2012

Crazy Few Weeks...

I have been on a crazy ride these past few weeks, came down with influenza, along with the whole family, a few weeks ago and have been playing catch up with my life ever since.  I'm behind in my Life Book, not to mention my BOD but I'm slowly getting back into the groove of things.

I've started a journey around the Medicine Wheel...YES, I've started the Spring Session of Soulodge with Pixie Campbell!  It's been very interesting, a little challenging but full of inspiration and growth.  This week I did my first drumming journey, I've not done one in years.  There are many reasons why this eCourse spoke to me but one of them was in keeping with my commitment to reconnect to my Spiritual Practice this year; thus returning to where I started...with Native American Spirituality, is what I needed.

I created two painting in my Book of Days relating to this journey, as well as allowed my creativity to flow and made myself some Boho bracelets to wear as a reminder of my journey.  I found some great YouTube vids on how to make some fun bracelets and it became addicting.  Made quite a few but these three spoke of my journey...The first bracelet is made with Citrine Calcite~ Yellow representing the East, then there's the purple one ~ representing the 7th Crown Chakra connecting to my Spirituality and lastly I have the Snakeskin Agate~ which assists in the rise of the Kudanlini, 1st Root Chakra ( the feminine, dynamic, energetic and creative aspects of the Universe from which all form is born).  Pretty powerful artful reminders ♥

During my journey I received a lot of symbolism, I've journaled but felt and still feel I have more art to share around it. The biggest message I got was to honor my wild woman...which is something that came to me earlier in the year as well, in terms of dressing for the figure I currently had instead of waiting til I lost the weight to dress the way that makes me feel good.  So, while I have a huge wishlist going, I'm also making and doing things to help me express the wild woman inside of me that has been kept tamed for much too long.  I found some awesome videos on altering T's and such into those love drappy vests that have been so hot since seen on the BBC Being Human (I like that version much better than the SiFi one).  Also, monitoring the Creative Goddess eCourse has made my creative juices start flowing in so many ways as well.  It's such an honor and a blessing to witness such powerful transformation and growth that's been going on in that circle.

Women Who Run with Wolves is a book I have and been wanting to read...I came across this quote in the forward of the book and it totally spoke to me and so, I made this digital art page with it and also created my second BOD painting with it.  In the painting I painted a self portrait of my wild woman emerging.  I feel I have more to express but for now this painting is where I'm at...

I approached this painting in a very different way.  I usually draw a face and paint it in, but after watching a video from one of my Book of Days sisters, Kitty O I attempted her technique of painting the face out...it was so interesting for me.  I loved the inspiration and had to give it a try.

As far as the Life Book...well, as I mentioned I'm behind, but am catching up.  My last painting was a little frustrating, then realized I wasn't following the directions as they were given, causing for a whole different effect on my page...but soon resolved it and come up with this wonderful piece of art for my book and for honoring all the wonderful complements I've been given and overcoming my inner critic.  The watercolor technique we learned for the leaves was so much fun! I also have to share the art we did the week before using stencils...she was so sweet and fun to make.

Oh, and I can't for get to share that even though I did have a few weeks of craziness, I did finally complete my first ATC cards that I spoke about doing in Lot's of HeART Inspiration using all that yummy "drop paper" as I've heard it's called.  Check out how beautimous they came out! Not bad for my first ones, aye?  Well, they all went out in Happy Mail to various sisters and they loved them ♥

Well, I had much to share and catch up on...that's what happens when I get behind in life...and I didn't even share the new pieces I created for the Shop, but I'll leave that for my next post ;)  I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful season for rebirth and new beginnings...and I'll leave you with a pic of our new additions to the family.

Creative Blessing,

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  1. Nice post! Thanks for sharing with us here … and I'm glad you're feeling better too!



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