Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creative Goddess eCourse

My first ever eCourse was the Creative Goddess eCourse by Goddess Leonie.  I took the course the fall of 2010 shortly after joining the Goddess Circle.  I was one of the first members and had the pleasure to journey through this course with Leonie as she shared her wonderful wisdom.  As must of you know I'm a creative at heart, creativity feeds my soul so I enjoy all forms of crafting; and despite all that I had lots of healing to do around my artistic abilities, due to childhood abuse.  This course was my turning point.  It opened up a whole new world for me.

I have been a creative entrepreneur for a few years now but found that those negative seeds that were planted many years ago echoed in my head often, causing me to doubt my abilities and holding me back from truly blossoming and letting my inner Goddess Shine.  This eCourse is so full of juiciness like only Goddess Leonie can offer.  I remember staring at a blank canvas during week one and thinking "I'm no artist, I can't do this"  but through her videos, meditations and gentle guidance, I opened up and beautiful art started to flow through me...and it hasn't stopped.

During the first week my son and I had a wonderful miracle walk where we found treasures from the earth to use in our art (yes, he arts along with me and loves that time we spend together).  From there I created  my first ever piece of art on canvas.  That image inspired me to create Goddess Journals for my shop which were very well accepted.

I offered various sizes and images all inspired by this one piece of art above...

My son and I still go on miracle walks and share lots of art time together, it allows for him to express himself in his own unique way.

We create art with our toes...or stamp with apples and leaves.  Of course we also use our fingers and brushes too, but through this magickal ecourse I've entered a whole new world filled with paint, watercolor and freedom to express ourselves, as well as find healing in it all.  It put me on a path of healing through Art Journaling which has only been growing and changing my life for the better.

Week 4 Art project
As the weeks continued I continued to transform and heal...creating not just paintings but art in many forms.  Creating to me is such a wonderful gift we all possess; it is so inspirational, transformational, empowering and healing.

Week 5 Art project

On April 1st a new session of the Creative Goddess eCourse starts up...and I'm honored to be one of the Circle Guides to monitor the course.  Come join me and the rest of the beautiful women doing this magickal eCourse and let it transform your life too!  Allow me and my sisters to guide you as you too heal, bloom and let your inner Goddess to shine ♥

PS...if you are ready to join a women's circle that is full of support, transformation and magick, I urge you to check out the Goddess Circle, your membership includes the Creative Goddess eCourse above, plus many other magickal eCourses, meditations,  Goddess Workbooks and kits, including the Business Goddess eCourse that you've heard me mention before!  I am honored to promote and be an affiliate of the Goddess Circle and all that Goddess Leonie has to offer, for her wisdom has not only given me so much support, transformation and growth but it has also changed many other lives and allowed us to create strong bonds and friendships ♥

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