Friday, March 9, 2012

Words can both Heal and Hurt...

It's so amazing how powerful words are and how they affect us so.  Our negative talk alone can get us on a downward spiral if we don't reel them in and defuse them...but so can hurtful projections from others.  Earlier this week I read a post from one of my Goddess Sisters that once again proved how powerful we can be when we are brave enough to come from a place of love to heal from hurtful projections...Fierce Body Love by Dominee.  Then later in the week in our Book of Days Effy talked about doing a self portrait (or a representation there of).  All of this tied into my current path of self-love, self-acceptance and attaining my ideal body.

Above is one of my favorite mantras, for self-esteem and self-confidence, if you never heard it you must...here's a link.  So, after taking my Full Moon bath, with wonderful essential oils and bath salts, which has been one of my self-care rituals for a while now, I sat and pulled up some images of art of naked women on my computer.   I'm still fairly new at painting and I don't shoot for realism in my art but I wanted this piece of art to resemble a curvy, voluptuous woman..so I had to get an idea of where to start.  As always, I lit my candle and let my art flow, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, as it represents where my body is now.

I'm so proud of myself that I've been doing so awesome with my meditation this year, if only I could get my workout practice to be as consistent, lol.  One of the wonderful things I experience during my meditations is that there are time I get a strong feeling about what I need...sometimes it comes in the form of stones, I need to work with, carry with me or even wear...like earlier this week when I got that I needed to be wearing some Rose Quartz...and so, I made myself a necklace of Rose Quartz...I feel very blessed to have the skill and resources to create such wonderful and lovely healing jewelry for myself and others.  Here's the necklace I made myself...of course I continue to wear my Om symbol which is very special to me.

Then yesterday I did a meditation by Jackie from Essence of Wild, where she guides you to receiving some Soul Medicine through a flower.  The gift of the Red Poppy was what I was given.  I asked what message was the poppy offering me, since I'm not familiar with poppies and all I got was rest...hmmm.  So, I looked up the meaning of red poppies on my favorite site..."What's your Sign" and found lots of interesing symbolism.  In Chinese symbolism it means rest, beauty and success...and so...I drew some in my Book of Days.

I'm still working on this week's Life Book project...I'm a little behind but still enjoying all the art and healing I've been allowing myself to experience so far.

Yesterday, was visited by Red Tailed Hawk again, when ever I am blessed with it's presence, he often swoops low infront of my car or flies and circles above me or like yesterday he was right out there in my front yard tree screaming away, I always look for messages and such.  Shortly after I got online I found that Pixie Campbell is giving away 3 spots on her Spring Soul Lodge session...I was so excited cos' I've been trying to manifest a way to join her, maybe this is it...if not I'm sure whoever the winners are they were meant to join her.  If you are interested here's her link for the giveaway!

I'll leave you with this a wonderful message/quote from Sark and a touch of the Irish in this spread. Look at the lovely butterfly I used, that was sent to me by one of the my sisters from the Book of Days in our napkin swap!

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