Monday, March 12, 2012

Magickal Monday Adornments ~ Anklets

With all the wonderfully warm weather we've been getting these past few days I've been hearing nature calling me and the urge to go barefoot walking again is too hard to resist.  Which got me thinking about the anklets I make and how they are one of my best sellers.

Anklets have been adorning women's ankles for many years and women from many cultures. They have a long and rich history of being worn to attract suitors, as well as to show a woman's marital status or wealth.  They have been traced back to the ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia, which is believed they were worn by women to show off the wealth of their husbands.

From there they became popular in Ancient Egypt, where men and women both rich and poor wore anklets. Those who were wealthy adorned their ankles with anklets made of precious stones and metals, but the poor  wore them made of cloth and leather and would hang charms and amulets from them.

Of course, the most richest history was found in India, where it became a custom to wear them showing marital status and also became an important piece of ceremonial wedding jewelry. But it didn't stop there, anklets also became one of the accessories used by belly dancers, who wore the most intricate pieces of jewelry along with their outfits.  Some anklets would have bells attached so that they would create a wonderful jingle sound when the dancers danced accentuating their moves.

These stunning pieces of art finally made it over to the US in the 1950's. Where they were worn over Bobbie socks.  From my research, these apparently were worn to show one was in a relationship much like promise rings are used now.

I enjoy making these fun and sexy adornment with various stones and I offer a few different styles.  I also offer them as singles, to be worn on either ankle or as doubles one for each.

I personally love wearing anklets, and have done so for many years.  I've been known  to wear not only ones made of beads and chain but of leather too.

In fact, my years at Camp Pendleton in Cali, during my Marine Corps years, I used to wear bandannas as anklets, I had a variety of colors to match my various outfits :)  I enjoy being unique and different ♥

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