Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Self-Honoring Wednesday~ Art - Part of My Spiritual Practice

I've started on a wonderful and magickal spiritual journey this year!  I chose TRUST as my word for the year, in reference to my spiritual journey more so than trusting others. As I started to solidify my spiritual practice, I found my art's been becoming a very huge part of it.  For me it's all about reconnecting; my main focus is returning to a strong spiritual practice, something, which I have to admit has lacked these past few years.

When we invite a new soul into our lives, the first years together are all about them, our own needs are put aside and we gradually learn to find balance once again while still nurturing this wonderful blessing we've been given.  The birth of my youngest was very traumatic, it took me a long time both physically and emotionally to heal from.  Now, he's 4 and so independent, and growing up fast, we have a lot of arts and craft time together...he loves it and I so enjoy my time with him. 

By now, you all know how much I'm loving the Book of Days, a free eCourse being offered by Effy Wild.  Though I don't usually keep to the prompts or themes that are offered, and there's no possible way I can art journal everyday (as much as I would love to) I do love watching her videos, learning new things and of course joining her on our Book of Days journey. Not to mention she created a book altering junkie, LOL...I've altered a number of compbooks last year and my Book of Days a few weeks ago, as well as altered a journal to become my first Gratitude Journal.  I've always LOVED collecting journals and notebooks...I always find a reason to by one, now that I learned how to alter them...well, lets just say I'm LOVING collecting them even more! 

So, I've been using my art journaling as part of my spiritual practice and healing; along with miracle walks (which my little person LOVES), Yoga (which he does with me most of the time), dream journaling, gratitude journaling, general dumping journaling, oracle cards, meditations, and of course salt baths and other self-care treats.  The best part of it all, is that although I've added more to do in my already crazy busy life...it all feels more doable...all of it.  I don't feel as overwhelmed or stressed.  I believe the difference is that I gave myself permission from the very start that it's okay if I don't get to ALL of it...if they are at different times of the day or if I have to skip a day. It's all good and it's all perfect...and you know what...most of it is part of my daily practice...having a spiritual practice makes my days flow with easy, peace, love and joy.

I got in the habit of doing a little ritual prior to arting like focusing on my feelings and other things that I feel I need to know and share around my journey; which then comes out as art; all of which represents my spiritual journey.  In fact, I couldn't have said it any better than what Effy shared in her Book of Days post last week.  Where she shared how she uses Art as her spiritual practice, through intention and ritual, as well...Love it!  Much like me, she too lights a candle and sets an intention prior to starting out, how magickal is that, creating a space to receive from your higher self. 

After a year of creative expression last year, I realized how important it is for me in my life.  It provides balance and restores me.  I recently found that art journaling, offers me a vehicle to connect with my spirit guides. So, why not include art in my spiritual practice.

There are so many ways to heal, grow and transcend in life...creativity is the path that provides all of that and more for me.  What is yours?

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