Friday, February 3, 2012

Inspiring Links and Life

This week has been a slow week for my "day job", if I were at the state of mind I was last summer, I'd be freaking out...but instead I'm enjoying my time and chanting my mantra, as I move forward knowing everything is as it should be.  Despite we had a week of gloomy weather...it wants to snow but it won't come.

My little one has been sick...again. Poor guy ever since he started preschool he gets one cold after another.  Apparently, according to the docs, that's what happens when you have a child who stays at home with you from birth...he doesn't get exposed to the germs in the world until school years.  They said it's expected, I say it's a drag.  Even tried upping his immune system with supplements but no luck.  So, I've had a long and sleepless week, but that's life.

He's such a creative soul...he spent most of the week drawing.  He pulled out my various scrapbooks today and as he was looking through them told me, "These are great books, they give me lots of ideas for drawing"...I asked him if they inspired him...he said "Yes, they inspire me very much."  LOL

I had a blast this week with life book.  We had to do a self portrait through acrylics transfer.  I can't tell you what a mess I made...my first transfer I transferred my faces onto a green background...never thought twice.  My 4 year old came over as I was pressing on the image and he said, "Mom, is that a picture of you?  Are you going to be green?"  Hello...when I started rubbing it off...you got it I was green!  LOL  I tried painting over it but lost all the detail and it looked nothing like me.  A do over was in order.  This was the second time I've ever done a transfer so I was hesitant and expected to fail.  See I set myself up for failure.  Second time was a charm...though the face color is on the gray side and I had a heck of a time matching my skin color to my face...overall...I love it.  I realized I challenged myself by choosing a 3/4 photo of myself that had me sporting a broad smile...never had to draw teeth.  The good thing was that my transfer was clear and I could see the details better than the first transfer, so I kinda like it, even if it is pretty funny...I'm no portrait artist that's for sure ♥

The idea was to make it whimsical...so of course I had to add a headpiece and I really love the fairy wings.  All in all it was another fun art class.

Hope your week was magickal and inspiring.  If not here's are some great Blog posts that I enjoyed this week:

Metta Drum ~ The Healing Power of Gratitude. If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice ~ Meister Eckhart

Dream Life StudiosLets Have a Party and a GiveawayOn Saturday, February 25, at 3 p.m. EST, bring your coffee mug and your angel cards and meet me here. We'll chat, pull cards, groove with the angels and basically have ourselves a big ol' time! During the party, I'll draw names and give away gifts!

Stella Seaspirit ~ Cut Cords. Without realising it, we create energy cords that act as etheric threads of connection to people and sometimes circumstances in our lives.

Hibiscus Moon ~ FREE eKit! Create Your Own Sacred Space with CrystalsThis is a beautiful yet simple, fun & easy way to start out on your journey with crystals. Artists, Crystalline Cohorts, light workers, healers, crystal aficionados & spiritual hearts of all kinds have magically collaborated to come up with this enchanting feast.


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