Monday, January 30, 2012

Magickal Monday ~ New Website and FREE eBook

On Mondays I usually post about an adornment in my shop...but today I have exciting news!  I finally have a Website up! Okay...so I'm a little slow but I did it...all by myself..well, I did have a little help from my hubby and my friend Sara ;)

Last Spring I worked through Goddess Leonie's Business Goddess eCourse  when if first came out in May. Despite that I had my business for a few years now...it still offered me juicy stuff that I didn't know about.  My Spring started with lots of business energy, which forced me to "expose" myself more by sharing more of me through getting my blog in order, finding blog guests,  and getting interviewed myself (all of which was way out of my comfort zone), leading me to finally getting my website up! 

YES...it's taken me 8 months to complete it...but I had a major derailment last Summer and the last thing on my mind was finishing up my website. So, it sat waiting for me to act on it.  Those who know me, know I'm not a procrastinator, once I start something I push through til the end. So with determination and perseverance I moved forward once again.  Sometimes things come in do time, I practice going with the flow...we can't push if we aren't ready either mentally or physically and last Summer I wasn't.

So...I found my way back to the Business Goddess eCourese and moved forward with my website.  Doing it all alone was frustrating, thank Goddess I have a wonderful hubby who's been a Web Designer for many years and still mingles in it.  All the same it's still frustrating doing something you aren't familiar with and the language looking all Greek on top of it all, LOL. But none the less, I worked out the glitches with the help of my two best Web Designers and Creations by Moonlight now has a website.  It's simple not too involved, but it is a central home where anyone can get to know me and my many facets.

I even redesigned my logo,  did you notice the difference?  It includes...dolphins now...I love how the faerie breathes life into them!  At first I didn't know how to incorporate a dolphin and since the number 3 is a very special number to me, I felt there had to be three.  My son, was the one that came up with the idea of having the faerie breathe them into life. I thought the idea was brilliant, I loved  it and I ran with it.  I like how they become more formed as they move away from her.

Along with my website I also launched my new FREE eBook!  The "Sparkling Goddess Series", a collection of inspirational and heart warming stories from sparkling souls just like you that shared in my feature on my blog by the same name last year.  It brings me so much joy to offer you these stories, they are as creative and unique as each of these wonderful Goddesses are.  So, once at my site, be sure to stop by my "Treasures" page, where you will find some Freebies and of course a copy of the "Sparkling Goddess Series", as well as how to get my first eBook..."Stone Meanings". 

If you too are in a place where you want to move forward with your business but find it daunting...I recommend you check out the Business Goddess eCourse...a new class is starting on February 1st.  I love Goddess Leonie's creative approach to running a business  I especially her "Marketing Magically and Joyously" section and all the other wonderful bonuses that come with it. I'm grateful I took this course, as well as joined her online women's circle.  It's helped me a lot with stepping out of the box and approaching my business in a more fun and creative way...cos' if I had the choice...I'd rather be creating than running the business part of my business :)   I also learned, when running a business that you have to be open to being vulnerable at times and to be pushed out of your comfort zone often, if you want to be "seen" in the mist of soooo many other wonderful artists...And that's what I've been doing ♥

So let me emphasize that this eCourse is for both those who are thinking about starting a new business and those of us who already own a business.  For those starting out you will find she shares how she started and offers wonderful ideas on how to make money, as well as walks you through the practical parts of having a business.  For those of us who already have businesses, she shares the magick of Marketing, as well as how to stay sane when you get busy, it's so chuck full of juicy tips and ideas that I still resort back to it all the time.

Thanks again for following me along my magickal journey and enjoy your freebies ♥


  1. Wow Allurynn! What an amazing job you've done. The site and logo are such a perfect reflection of you and your artistry. Wishing you much love and blessings as your sparkly business evolves! Becky

  2. Thanks Becky for your wonderful words and wishes ♥



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