Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspirational Friday ~ Art Journaling and Mixed Media

Wow, what a busy week I had.  Spent the majority of the week finishing up my website, which included redesigning my logo.  I also created my second eBook...fun, fun, fun...I even made a little virtual book for it!    I'll be going more into detail on that in my next post.

I did get some wonderful spreads done on my Book of Days though...I mostly work on it during the weekends and late evenings since I work during the days doing my "day job" which was also kick ass busy this week getting the current catty together and blasting out the newsletter. So, I didn't have much time to create lots of spreads this week.  BUT...I really enjoyed the spreads I did do, my first one was about how my spiritual practice has been helping me bloom, grow and transcend.

I think I'm finally getting the hang of Mix Media.  The layering process for me seemed to always cover the layers before...now I've learned to alternate with solid and transparent layers to get that great Mixed Media effect.  I love this page...

I learned a new technique that I used here on this page.  Through the Book of Days I met Jan from  Jan Fox Designs who is offering 52 Play DATES where she's sharing videos with fun techniques to try.  I'm way behind cos' I just came across her site, but one of the ones I watched yesterday was about using napkins...yep...paper napkins as a layer in your art.  I LOVED it!  It totally gave me a wonderful texture like another dimension on my page.

Here in this close up you can see the paper towel layer.  This particular paper towel had such wonderful swirls and hearts perfect for the page   wanted to create.  I'm really enjoying the process of these layers building on one another.  This was such a fun and whimsical page.  As you know Dragonfly represents spirit to me so once again you find them everywhere on this page.  I also attached a little flip out tag so I could hide my journaling and allow the page to continue to flow.

I'm so proud of my second layout...I am not good at drawing faces...but I've been learning from Tam Leporte as you've heard me mention before, her Fabulous Faces is a wonderful eCourse to take to learn the basics.  I enjoy learning from Tam cos' she's such an awesome teacher.  I've come to realize that I play her videos a lot as I'm drawing faces...and just her walking you through the details of lips or eyes helps me create a much better picture than if I were to wing it.  I'm sure it will all come with confidence and I'll be able to wing them soon...but for now I like hearing her guidance as I'm drawing.

Here's my second spread, it's sort of a collage, depicting that I'm never alone since I'm surrounded by Spirit and my guides.   I love how her face turned out and how her guides are all represented as visions.
Here I layered more of the pages I pulled from the book when I started altering it.  They are in her hair...though it's hard to see on photo you can see them when you look at the painting.  Which is cool cos' it also gives it dimension.

I figure with each spread I do, I can try a new technique that I learn along my journey through Art Journaling and Mixed Media.

Enjoy your weekend...I know I will!

Creative Blessings ♥



  1. Love the way you used the napkins! Beautiful result. Jan x

  2. Oh Jan, thanks for stopping by! I love this technique you shared and look forward to trying it out more ♥

  3. I love your wonderful new website!! I'm enjoying reading about your art journaling (I'm fairly new to it, and I'm loving participating in Book of Days), and it's so fun and inspiring to see your work. I really like both spreads you posted here, but I have to say I absolutely LOVE the one with the dragonflies. :)

  4. Congrats again on your new website and bringing all your offerings together in one place. As always your BoD spread is so magical!



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