Friday, January 20, 2012

Inspirational Friday ~ Art Journaling

I had a busy week, between my day job and working on getting my latest line out of Copper and Brass Heart pendants, for my shop; so I didn't have much journaling time in my Book of Days.  I did get through one awesome spread though.  But I have to admit it went through some major transformations. If I learned one important lesson working with art journaling, it's that mistakes can always be painted over or transformed ;)

I did a two page spread this week, I wanted it to look magickal, glittery and ethereal.  Though the final layout wasn't what I had envision, I love it all the same.  I did a white wash over my original art so it would be more muted and added gold as well as glitter (of course :)

Did you noticed the cool hearts??  I made them myself.

It was fun and super easy.  I took some walnut ink (I have some in a spray bottle by Lindsystampgange.com), it's cool glittery ink!  Sprayed some on my mat (Ranger reusable nonstick craft mat, which I love!) and then I took some of the pages I originally ripped out of this book to make room for my art.  Rubbed it through the ink, then added some darker distressing ink..I used Cocoa from Close to my Heart.  Then I just used a stamp since I didn't have a stencil of the hearts, traced them and cut them out.  The last finishing touch was to darken the edges.  I went dark with my inks but if you want to see more of the words than by all means go lighter :)

In the mist of all the fun I was having this week...I had a little accident.  I burned my ankle on the heat gun!  Yep, I put it on the floor cos' I have such a small surface to work on and I didn't want to burn my hand on it...instead I stepped back and burned my ankle, LOL  Usually the worse that ever happens is that I get permanent inky fingers for a few days, this time it was a little more serious.  Oh and I treated it with my Aloe plant right away so it didn't blister...so the next day I came out of the shower and saw this perfect circle tattooed on my ankle...for the life of me, I could not figure out what it was (talk about short term memory, LOL)...it didn't hurt and it wouldn't come off.  It wasn't until the next day that I remembered I burned myself on the heat gun...I didn't realize I hit it straight on, creating a perfect circle.  Oh well, could have been worse.

Talking about inky fingers...what I blast we had this week with our Life Book page.  Bonnie Rose Bryan taught the class this week; the theme was light and dark sides of ourselves represented through Goddess archetypes. She shared two wonderful videos, one was all about ink art, with hatching and cross hatching marks. I didn't do the inking...though it looks great, I wasn't ready to take on such a challenge.  But I did come up with Artemis and Aphrodite, as my Goddess opposites that represent me.  Though I love beauty and am passionate about art, dance, music and such AND enjoy being showered with love and attention, plus... I have to admit I am vain.  I do have this other side of me that tends to be an untamed spirit, I enjoy my freedom and personal space, am protective and nurturing, not to mention I feel at home in nature and the wilderness, don't mind getting dirty, LOL.  So, though I've been known to be "that" girl that is all about love, fire, soft, slinky, silky, sensual and musky, I've also been known to be courageous, focused, fearless, protective and... impulsive :)

See the cool swirls around the edges? That's the second video that Bonnie shared.  It's an inking technique we learned this week with ink and shaving cream!  Yep, it was interesting, as well as messy but  ooooh so FUN.  I heard about this technique through my scrapbooking circles, but up til now, I had never tried it before.

Here's a close up of the edge....cool huh?? Gonna be doing more of this soon :)

Hope you are enjoy creating HeARTful Art ♥


  1. now that ankle mandala tattoo is totally an original :-)))

  2. Your lifebook page is very pretty. The shavingcream border is very nice. Hope mine will turn out just as good.

  3. Thank Angenita, I have to admit I tested it on a few sheets using the masking technique on other sheets before doing mine. And to me honest it was very messy despite trying not to be. I even got a smudge on my original painting, but Aphrodite's black hair took care of it :) Good luck and most of all have FUN!



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