Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Magickal Adornments ~ Textured Heart Pendants

It's that time of year again when love is in the air, as we celebrate our love for our partners or most importantly self love!  Yes, you heard me...accepting and loving ourselves just the way we are and for who we are...because we are unique and perfect ♥

I so enjoyed creating these little treasures of love... so much so that I created a Limited Edition Line. Due to the nature of handmade metal work, they are a one of a kind piece as each is unique and different from the other.

It's a labor of love to creating them :)  First I sketch out the hearts, sometimes I sketch it on the metal, others I sketch the image on a piece of paper, cut it out and glue it on to the metal with Rubber Cement (it peels right off when I'm done). Then the sawing begins!  The blade is sooo tiny that it can snap in half if one's not careful.

Once the sawing is complete, I drill a hole with the drill press and off we go to the buffer...a large, loud and intimidating machine..but it's been my old trusty friend for years and it does it's job.  This will smooth out the edges and remove the bur from the whole I drilled.

Then it's back to the bench where I start to hammer out the different textures.  This is the part I enjoy most...adding different textures and it's all done with some simple tools, a texture hammer or two and some dabbling tools, I've even been known to use nails at times to help get finer dots.  Hammer away...a good way to release stress and such, lol

Now for some finishing touches, I love the poke-a-dots and do them last.  I do it over a piece of leather which offers a soft cushion and allows for the dots to pop!  Here, I'm using a huge piece of leather, as I could not find my little buddy so I just grabbed a chunk from my scrap box.

Lastly,  I add the beads which I chose to adorn these little hearts with Garnets...a rich red stone, known as the “Stone of Commitment”, to purpose, to others and to oneself, as well as assist in manifestation and creativity.  How perfect is that!  Add the chain, I also made a few on leather. Make a clasp for both styles and...walla...a gorgeous creation representing LOVE! 



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