Friday, January 13, 2012

Lots of HeART this week!

I've really been enjoying my year so far.  I'm still as busy as ever balancing life and self-care/nurture; but for some reason it's all flowing smoothly and I don't feel the "stress" that I usually feel.  AND...I'm getting things accomplished!

I've been moving along with my Yoga and Meditation practices and even got in a Miracle walk today.  It's been awfully chilly, (though no snow, which is odd) but today the wind died down enough and it felt right.  Especially after being visited by one of my Guardians...the Red Tail Hawk.  He soared above circling and calling out in it's raspy scream.  I was moved to create yet another page in my Book of Days.

This year is about my spiritual journey...thus TRUST as my word for the year.  I'm learning to trust more and in doing so, become more open to receiving.  The Red Tail Hawk appeared to me about a year and a half ago.  When I needed reassurance...a sign per sea.  Anyhow, I'm visited by this mystical bird of pray often and hear it's screams usually when I need to pay attention and listen.

We were graced with a wonderful Full Moon this week. Which according to some is the perfect time to do a dream board, and so I worked on mine for our Life Book... ( often do my dream boards during the New Moon, but have seen others infuse theirs with the powerful energy of the Full Moon.)

My dream board focus was around wanting to be complete with this area of the US, I live in the Southwest.  I've lived here for 23 years come April...my first 6 years were in Colorado Springs and the last 17 have been here near the Four Corners.  Our plans are to move to Oregon the summer of 2013, so I wanted to be complete before leaving.  There are places that are just around the corner that I have never visited...and so, we plan on taking some short road trips this year, explore, hike and discover some of the magickal places that are just in our backyard, before we move away.  So, that's my dream for this summer, I hope to visit all the places I want to before leaving.

I was also inspired to create a wonderful Full Moon spread on black gesso...this was my first time playing with it and I really enjoyed it. This is my sweet whimsy Owl I created for my Full Moon spread this week.  She was inspired by Juliette Crane's wonderful owl art work.  You know me and Goddess-y headpieces...isn't she stunning?

Since last Fridays post I also completed a few more pages in my Book of Days...

"Namaste ~ The light in me sees the light in you, bow to me, I'll bow to you."  This is off my son's ABC Yoga DVD that he does.

We had a blast making this window art out of wax paper and crayon shavings...will have to post how we did it soon ♥


  1. may your road trips be full of discovery
    just like your journey through the book of days



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