Friday, January 6, 2012

Inspirational Friday~Mix Media HeART

My word for 2012
I have started out my year full of HeART and Loving it!!!  I signed up for Effy Wild's, from Wild Precious, "Book of Days" eCourse, (it's FREE but donations are welcomed), knowing that I would be learning some awesome tricks of the trade when it comes to mix media art.  Effy is another wonderful teacher I've come across in my Art Journaling venture.  I absolutely love the tidbits of info she shares in all her art videos.  Being new to mix media, most of the time I'm at a loss of what's out there, without fail though, every time I watch one of her videos I learn something new be it a product or technique.

Although I signed up for it prior to the New Year I did something wrong cos' I missed out on getting all the earlier newsletters.  BUT I'm not discouraged, there's an archive and slowly but surely I'm catching up! She shared a wonderful video on altering a book!  You know how much I enjoyed her video on altering the comp books and this one was just as fun!  Here's a picture of my cover can you believe it was an old dictionary??  Yep, it was my medical pocket dictionary that I had when I went to Medical School in 1989.  Here's what it used to look like....pretty cool huh?  One of the things I love the most about mix media is that I can incorporate my scrapbooking supplies and ideas into my projects.

So far I've got the inside cover finished where she suggested we make pockets.  Effy taught us how to make a secret pocket, which I think I'll be adding a few of those cos' you know how I love to collect things, and she showed how to make a square pocket.  I chose to make my own little side pockets out of scrapbook paper and Terrifically Tacky Tape!  Here's my completed pages.  As you know, from my Elemental page for the Elements of Art Journaling, Dragonfly is my spirit symbol.  So, I included a Dragonfly both on my cover and 2012 pocket page.

"Trust not what your hear, Trust not what you see, But Trust what you feel" ~ Sri Chinmoy

They were really simple, I just took the measurements and accordion
folded the bottom and outer edges.
Then added tacky tape and placed
it on the page.  LOVE IT!

I also finished my first page HAPPY NEW YEAR!

"Suspend all concerns around money, time, circumstances and anything else that will stand in your way, and DREAM BIG!" ~ Doug Daugherty

I plan on sharing my journey through my Book of Days and Life Book throughout the year.  As much as I want to do all, I am not pressuring myself if I can't art journal everyday in my book of days, cos' I know either way I'll be learning new techniques and growing and healing through it all.

YES, I finally finished my first page in my Life Book!  Celebrating my Goddess Super Powers! Gearing up for week two with Juliette Crane and Bonnie Rose!!  See ya next week ♥


  1. I found via the link at BOD...I love what you are doing in your journal.

  2. Oh I just love how your Book of Days is shaping up, especially your red hawk mosiac page! So inspiring. This is my first real art journal (and altered book!) project and I'm loving it...not just learning new mixed media techniques but also the emotional and spiritual creativity process. To be honest all I want to do is hibernate and work on my book (hence me being a little quiet these days on the interwebs!)

    P.S. I'm blogging about my BoD on my art blog, http://www.jocreates.org


  3. Hi Jo!!! Thanks for stopping by. I so agree, I love the healing that comes out of it too. This year is all about my spiritual journey so I'm really loving that I have both the BOD and Life Book to share my journey in :) I'm gonna hop on over and say hi!!



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