Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Self Honorng Wednesday ~ Focus and Intent

I like to start my year out with focus and intent.  By now we all have gone through the stages of being complete with the past year.  We revisited the year, looked at the lessons and hopefully learned from them, celebrated our achievements and let go of what no longer serves us.  In my Welcoming 2012 I shared with you my New Year traditions, as well as how I enjoyed my first day of the year. I like spending the first week getting clear about my focus and intent for the New Year.  As I mentioned before what I found has really helped me focus my intent is working through the Creating your Goddess year book, as well as creating and doing things that will support me throughout the year to achieve my intent.

In continuing to honor myself, I've decided to create a special Sacred Space in my home for when I meditate and do Yoga, my little sanctuary for when I can't go outside.  I gathered together things I had around the house, as well as these wonderful Goddess Statues and placed them all in one sacred place.  After clearing our home, I cleansed and cleared this space and set the intent for it.  Which by the way if you want to learn more about clearing space you should check out Goddess Leonie's Sacred Space Clearing kit...it's chuck full of great info from using stones to smudging.

love this image in particular

I chose "Trust" as my word this year and so I'm creating practices to allow for more guidance from Spirit, one of course is more consistent meditation, quite time to receive and listen.  I also got this awesome set of Oracle cards, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms as a gift this holiday season.  The images really speak to me and I'm really enjoying working with them. Besides doing my yearly three card oracle reading, I've also been pulling a card a day and meditating on it, as well as reflecting on it through out the day, being through thought, journaling or art.

I also created a pin board to support my creative ventures and my Life Book journey this year.  I plan on continuing to add inspirations as the year unfolds.  I just finished creating my sacred box where I will be storing all my pages until we bind them at the end of the year.  It's been really exciting to be doing this and though it's a huge challenge for me (a year long eCourse) I really feel it's gonna be a wonderful way to honor, celebrate and discover myself!

What are you doing to honor yourself and well-being this year?


  1. Hi, I'm also doing LifeBook this year. I wanted to let you know the link above 'Sacred Space Clearing Kit' doesn't work....but more importantly, I love the space you made.

  2. Hi Kat, thanks for stopping by! I finally got my first page done for Life Book and am ready for the next :) I'm also doing Book of Days with Effy Wild. I plan on doing a post about it tomorrow, she's another awesome teacher I enjoy learning from. I wanted to learn more about Art Journaling and it seems like this is going to be the year! Thank you, I'm really lovin' my space, been wanting one for a while now. Oh and thank you for bringing up that broken link. I fixed it and tested it, I must have over looked testing it before posting ♥



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