Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming 2012

Happy New Year!  What a magickal day today was!  This morning when I looked outside, while having my morning cup of warm lemon water, it "felt" different.  It just seemed brighter, as though the Sun was in a way different position then it was yesterday morning.  All day the lighting felt different, more radiant.

We baked our traditional Prosperity bread.  A recipe which Hubby and I have been making since our first New Years together.  With each braid we speak out what we want to infuse the New Year with. Then we will end the day with sharing in our yearly journal. We suspend all concerns around money, time, circumstances and anything else that will stand in our way of dreaming big and then we start dreaming...we have a special journal we keep just for the New Years.  We start out by reflecting on the previous year without judgment and move into creating the life we want for our New Year.

I finished working on my Creating your Goddess Year book, I have plans for a very adventurous year!  I also settled on my word for the year.  Last year was the first time I ever chose a word for the year.  I enjoyed having a word to focus my intent on.  This year's word is TRUST...I want to let go of my old belief that I can only count on myself and start trusting, listening and receiving from Spirit, rather than wanting do it all alone.  I came to this realization, that I lack trust, while discussing old beliefs with a dear friend.  I plan on exploring ways of letting go my need to be in control while listening and receiving and all the while trusting.

I also watched our first Life Book video! I feel blessed I was able to participate in Tam's Laporte Life Book 2012 where we will be honoring and celebrating ourselves through the magick of art journaling; which will be taught by Tam and a wonderful group of teachers.  I look forward to continuing my passion for art journaling this year.  I realized last year that infusing my life with art and other creative ventures, makes me a much happier person all around ♥

I also did a wonderful Meditation from Goddess Leonie's Radiant Goddess eCourse which just started another session today.  I plan on continuing to eat as clean as I possibly can on our family budget and she has some interesting and tasty recipes in this course.

How did you welcome 2012?

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