Friday, February 24, 2012

Arting My Way to Health

That's a message I so needed to hear...I sure have been challenged with my health this month and it's left me worn out and tired.  I started out the month finally releasing my kidney stone that I was diagnosed with back in November, that was no fun journey.  I was so glad it was over and thought this month would be the start of feeling good again.  No sooner did the month start that I got sick...having a little one in preschool exposed to all those germs hasn't been fun.  We've had a lot of sick days this season.

But he's loving it and enjoying all the socializing that goes with it.  Here he is in my Valentine's Day spread.  Despite my cold, which has left me with a lingering cough, and my cluster migraines not to mention my IBS....all of which I've had the joy of experiencing these past few weeks, I have been learning lots about Mixed Media art and arting my way through the tough stuff.  So, let me share what I've been doing...

In the Book of Days (BOD) with Effy we had a napkin swap and I can't begin to share the variety of napkins we've been receiving....it has been awesome.

In the above picture I used one behind our photo and in this one I used one complete napkin in the whole spread.  I'm really loving and enjoying the layering effect. See the little piece of tape above the tag? It looks like I used some of the ever so famous, gotta have, washi tape doesn't it, well, I didn't.  I just used my stamp and stamped over masking tape.  This is only one of so many clever ideas that are going around in our Book of Days Facebook group.

While dealing with my kidney stone I did fall out of my healthy habits of eating greens and such.  Maybe that's the cause of my feeling so icky lately. But who can blame me when everything I read made me feel I was doing it all wrong.  I stopped taking vitamins, as well since I had read taking calcium causes stones as does leafy greens.  All of it was confusing and frustrating.  I'm still not sure why I got the stone and how to prevent future ones.

So, being under the weather and feeling flat, I've turned to my art for healing.  Here's what I worked on today.  I'm still learning shading and proportions, but I have to say this Buddha is one of my faves so far.  Meditation has been a big part of my life this year.  I've been enjoying my silent times.  Using guided meditations to ground and recharge.  Elemental meditations to reconnect and just silent meditations to be still and listen to my inner wisdom.

Also this week I created this page using a picture of one of my previous art that I made in one of Tamara's classes.  My journaling quotes one of my Goddess Sisters....Demi a mermaid sister.  I also found this wonderful  quote  by another mermaid artist...Susan and I had to use it on this page...Float Freely, Swim Deeply, Love Completely...love it!

Here's another one where I used napkins...only this time I cut the flowers out...this one was inspired by Effy's page where she showed us a different way to layer our stamps...cool idea, huh?

Finally, I've also been working along in our Book of Life with Tamara and a variety of teachers.  This week we learned how to pull art out of a collaged page.  After collaging, you look at the piece in different angles and "pullout" what you see...I totally saw the feathers first, from there I picked up on the hair and the profile, then I just painted it out.  I did some journaling underneath...which is one of the reason I LOVE this kind of art.  Then collaged over it.  I see her as one of my spirit guides and she had a wonderful message to share with me.

Well, that's some of the art I've created in the past two weeks, I like keeping an art journal it's a very unique and different way to journal and express myself...adding flavor to my live journey ♥


  1. I'm sorry you've been having so many health challenges - and I hope you're all better very soon. I love-love-love all of the art you've been doing! Thank you for posting photos and sharing your art.

  2. Your spreads are wonderful Allurynn :-) Get well soon too!



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