Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Self Honoring Wednesdays ~ Nurturing Ourselves

The one thing I realized this year is how important self-nurturing or self-care is.  Yes, in the past I did treat myself to a nice candle lit bath or some me time, but I haven't really made time for me on a regular basis, before this year that is.  Despite how much I've read or heard how important it was to take care of you first, I always felt guilt cos' I felt it took away from my family, especially my kids. 

 This year I made it a point to make time for the things that nurture my soul.  From a simple cup of tea with a good read, to meditating or sitting out in my backyard and being one with nature.

I also found my way back to using my essential oils on a regular bases, as they always give me a feeling of well being.  Just smelling the sent of Orange or any citrusy sent makes me feel alive and happy.  Not to mention how nurturing and energizing or relaxeing oils can be when added to your bath water.

Yes, having a small one in tow doesn't leave much alone time, but I still found things to nurture my soul along with my little one.  He and I enjoyed Miracle walks, as well as doing art together. Feet painting was sooo much fun and messy. 

He loves pulling up a chair next to my art table and drawing or painting right along with me.  He even altered his own comp book for preschool, while I altered mine for my Elements of Art Journaling eCourse.

You'd be surprised at how much happier you will be and how it will shift the quality of time you spend with your family, when you take time for you.  I'm looking forward to another wonder year exploring new ways to nurture and care for ME ♥

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