Monday, December 12, 2011

Magickal Monday Adronments ~ Fun Rings

Fun Rings is what I call my stackable rings. They are simple yet elegant and can be worn stacked or alone on your fingers or toes!

How did my fun rings come to be...well, they are something I was drawn to many years ago.  When I was a young child, during one of my visits back home to Argentina, I remember seeing my older cousins wearing stackable rings.  I was so in love with them that I wanted some for my very own. It wasn't until years later that it dawned on me that I now can make them myself!  And yes, I own and wear some now, my favorite are the little ones I wear on my toe.

As a Wire Artist I end up with plenty of scraps left over from various projects, which I send off for recycling periodically.  So, one day as I was gathering my scraps and getting ready to send them off for recyling it hit me; why not recycle and reuse them myself and create some Fun Rings! I hand forged, hammer and textured them, as well as give them a gorgeous patina finish.  Each one is unique as no two are ever alike since my hammering and texture is free form.

Once again, I'm amazed at the magickal creations that can come about when you let creativity just flow ♥

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