Friday, December 9, 2011

Inspirational Friday~ A Year of Art

Art has been one of my inspirations this year, a welcomed healing journey.  Allowing myself to express my soul through my art has been a wonderful journey. My journey started when  I was first introduce to Art Journalling through one of my Goddess Sisters from Goddess Leonie's Goddess Circle; a place where miracles and healing occurs all the time!

This led me to Tamara Laporte's Willowing & Artist Friends Group, where I did her FREE Art, Heart and Healing eCourse.  Then, I found my way to Effy Wild's Wild Precious Studio, where I did a wonderful Elementals of Art Journaling eCourse.

Through Effy I learned how to create art journals from Composition notebooks!  Check out how awesome they turned out.  They have become on going works of art as I continue to share and work through them, one is on my Spirituality, the other on Self Love.

I also started creating Goddess art and have enjoyed the Fabulous Faces eCourse by Tamara. Here's a Mermaid Goddess and Quan Yin, my Matron Goddess, isn't she stunning, can you see the compassion radiate from her?  It's my favorite portrait so far.

Then last month I took Guadalupe's FREE Mandala class, also sponsored by Tamara at Willowing.  I so enjoyed this class since I've been really having fun creating my own Digital Mandalas for Moonlight Reflections

This is one of my favorites, I made it from a lotus candle holder I took a picture of.

Guada's class was incredible! Her teachings were so informative, she started by sharing the basics to get you rolling in creating your own magickal Mandalas, then moved on to the wonder of blending watercolors and doodling.  I was in awe at the gorgeous art work that my peers were creating.  This class opened up all sorts of possibilities and even allowed me to include Zentangles with my art, which is another art form I came across this year, fun doodling that I remember doing in my teens, now becomes accents in gorgeous pieces of art! Talk about letting your inner child come out and play!

The best part is that Guada is one of the amazing teachers that are part of Tamara's YEAR LONG eCourse starting in January 2012... the Life Book eCourse!  As soon as I heard of this eCourse, I knew I had to be part of it since I have enjoyed art journaling so much this year, not to mention that Tamara is an incredible teacher and has taught me soooo much about art in a wonderful and loving way.  So,  I  saved up my pennies and signed up for the eCourse, I'm so excited to be participating it this incredible event and meeting all the wonderful teachers Tam has lined up.  And of course, I'm looking forward to  continuing my healing journey through heART ♥

Looking back through 2011 what has inspired or healed you this year? 


  1. Oh my goodness I love alllll of this but especially the mandala at the bottom.. I could look at that all day, it's amazing!!!! And your amazing Soul Journey cover.. woo.



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