Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn Equinox Blessings

Today we celebrate the Autumn Equinox when once again it marks the balance of equal day and night time hours on our wheel of the year.  I try to choose activities that are fun, creative and different, as well as inspiring and engaging for my kiddos.  We have been blessed to have a few apple trees on our new rental place, much like we had on our Ranch property the past few years, where we've come to make it a ritual to go out and pick apples each Autumn Equinox.

Here's a picture of Keagan on his very first Autumn apple picking ritual. Those trees were much older and the branches full of apples, which weighed them down each year.  Though like here we had many birds stop by and pick over our apples we still managed to find a few survivors.


This year was a little more challenging as the apples were sparse and much higher up but we still managed to get up there and harvest some apples!

With a little help from brother Keagan was able to reach some too.

Some were just within his reach!

We also did a miracle walk around the property and found other treasures, among them were feathers and leaves that had just turned and fallen from our trees.

We brought them all inside, the boys got out our art supplies. Then each of us picked an apple, I cut the apples open crosswise to expose their central stars.  We each took out our apples' seeds and set them aside for our Autumn blessings ritual.  We then started our creations!

Keagan chose all the Autumn colors he could find and we created apple and leaf prints on our papers.  Dad worked from home today so as soon as he was able to he join us on our crafting venture.

Here's our finished works of Art.

After cleaning up, with much coaching from mom, though it is getting easier as this is something my little one is finally learning to accept as being part of any and all activities.  But after everything was picked up we went outside, sat on the grass and felt the warmth of the late afternoon sun.  With each seed we held we alternated whispering something we felt most grateful for and making a wish for the upcoming year, then we tossed it to the wind.  

My little one was concentrating very heard with each seed he held, that I could not resist taking pictures of him.  It's wonderful finding ways to share with our children and teaching them about life and my spirituality in a fun, wonderful and magickal way.

All in all we had a wonderful time, a simple but blessed Autumn celebration!


  1. What a wonderful way ro celebrate, Alluryn.

  2. Very sweet! I especially love the prints with apples your kids made, they're wonderful. I use the star in the apple to bribe my daughter and nieces into eating apples for a snack every morning... I tell them it is a special magic "star apple", and they'll eat that over GoldFish in a flash. :)

  3. How beautiful! Those pictures of Keagan concentrating so hard are just wonderful.

  4. I miss apple-picking SO MUCH. We have loads of orchards around here that let you pick, but we haven't been to any of them. I have such wonderful memories of going with my mom and brother when I was little; the smell of cider and fritters being made in the shop still stay with me.

    I'm doing our celebrations today, and I think the apple-seed wishing is a great idea! I'll have to add that in to our work.

  5. Love the idea of being a magick star apple! I'm blessed that my kiddos like veggies and fruits over goldfish and stuff, so they do opt for healthy snacks the majority of the time. In fact my little one reminds me to snack healthy, LOL

  6. Thanks Ahamsa, he's such a love and brings us so much joy!

  7. Ellie that sounds wonderful...I never had these kinds of experiences growing up, so I enjoy them as much as the kiddos do ;) I feel very blessed that though we lost our Ranch we can still have our celebrations and traditions.

  8. It sounds like you had a beautiful day! Happy Autumn Equinox to you! I love the part about holding the seeds and making wishes, that's really beautiful. I hope each wish you all made comes true.

  9. Allurynn, this is so heartwarming. I often wonder when I have kids how I'll be able to share my spirituality with them in a way that's enjoyable - you've shown me a stellar example! Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Thanks Marla, I read a lot and take what works for me and leave the rest behind, so, I create our own traditions as I go. We have fun with it and they get the lesson :)

  11. Bright blessings, Allurynn,
    Fabulous way to celebrate the equinox. Love your pictures, you all look so joyful.

    Bright blessings,



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