Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Elements of Art Journaling ~ Spirit Week

Finally I'm posting my about my last week in the Elements of Journaling ecourse, Spirit week.  I have to admit that Spirit week was like 3 1/2 weeks ago, but for the past few weeks I have found myself stuck, with no luster, overly worried and overwhelmed with lots of personal stuff.  It's as though I lost my joy, my creative flow.  I suppose it was my time to have some much needed "cave time", time for myself, to just be with myself, my thoughts and not have to be present in the world outside.  I try to give myself cave time at least once a month, but found that the last few months I was just going and going and going and really didn't take time to recharge sort a speak.  Sometimes when we don't listen to our bodies needs, it screams it to us in many ways.  So, I listened.  I sat and meditated, disconnected from the outside world so I could recharge, ground and be nurtured.  There I connected with myself and the Universe and got through those fears and lightened my heart.

This past weekend I was finally able to come out and be present, and was able to work through the many ways Effy taught us to journal about our elements through out the ecourse.  Spirit came to me as one of my patron Goddesses, Artemis.  A few years back I found I have both her attributes and aspects along with Aphrodite's. Which has enlightened me much, I found having to do my best to keep the balance between the two, cos' when it's off I'm not a happy camper, but that's another story.  At this moment in time Artemis was up and present...fierce protector, bringer of light, independent, strong, compassionate and healing Goddess who lends us her strength to bring us safely through our fears...and so, she is who I connected with when I did my art journal piece for Spirit week.

I find that many times in my life, whether I have had a partner or not, I've counted on myself to get me through, to push through the fear and get through to the other side.  I've always been the "strong one" the one who manages to get through and do it all on her own.  So I've come to understand that the answers are inside me and all I have to do is sit, listen and honor the Goddess in me no matter what aspects of her shows up.

And so, Artemis was a reflection of my strength, my independence, my compassion and ability to heal as I once again brought myself through my fears and back into the light.

The Elements of Art Jouranling has ended but the self paced ecourse is up and running as of September 1st.  I've not been able to swing it into my budget at this time to continue, but it's on my wish list, as Effy will be introducing 4 new lessons to the self pace course.  I've so enjoyed visiting with the elements in a different artistic way.  I've enjoyed the friendships I've made and all the wonderful things shared in the forum.  It was an interesting and wonderful growing experience.  Thanks Effy for a wonderful ecourse chuck full of love and art tips, it was a magickal artful journey!


  1. Allurynn, that is absolutely beautiful. I love how you talk about honoring whatever aspects of the Goddess in you that show up. I can see why you identify with Artemis, because you certainly are a bringer of light too! Looking forward to checking out more of your blog and Etsy treasures.

  2. I love your Artemis Allurynn - I think the compassion, especially, shines through her features. Beautiful work!

  3. I love this post and your pages. So beautiful and heartfelt. Wow. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hello Allurynn, I too struggled to finish, but made it in my own sweet time. Congratulations on completion, beauty and honesty.

  5. Ooh, I love your Artemis! So beautiful and vulnerable.

    The Artemis/Aphrodite pairing has been springing up in my circles a lot lately, and I'm wondering if I should do some deeper investigation. Maybe the goddesses are trying to tell me something!

  6. Beautiful! Amazing how stepping away and recharging can lead to the most genuine expression of self.



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