Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Solstice Craft Challenge 2011 Another Submission!

Summer...thoughts of beaches, blue oceans and the green hills of Hawaii inspired our next teammates submission! Maika`i Pomaika`i Hawaiian Voyage Necklace ~ by Howling Caterpillars.   As the Summer Solstice is about fertility and abundance so is the Polynesian (Hawaiian) God Lono.  Here's her wonderful piece and what she shares about this Hawaiian God.

Lono is a God closely associated with with Fertility, Agriculture, Rainfall, and Music. All things that I think of when I think of a New England Summer. He allegedly came down on a Rainbow to marry the Goddess of Forest Growth, Laka. He is one of Four Gods who existed before the World was created. He is also known as a God of Peace. During his festival there was to be no war or extra work. It was basically forbidden.  He left Hawaii, and promised to return in a floating island. The Hawaiians believed that Captain James Cook was Lono returned. 
You can read more about her inspiration and the shells as well as beads used in this wonderful and magikal piece of art here.  She also shares much lore and meaning of the shells used.  Enjoy!

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