Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Solstice Craft Challenge 2011...continues

Here we have Kate from Fallwake another member of my Metaphysical Etsy Team and another wonderful submission to our Metaphysical Team Challenge!  White Moon Witchcraft is a Canadian shop and currently the Canada Post is on strike, so she had to put her shop on vacation mode.  So there isn't a direct link available for this piece yet. 
 A gorgeous amulet, eye of Horus!  This is what Kate shared...

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol used most commonly for protection and wisdom. Horus, often affiliated with Ra, is the god of the sun. The God of the Sun is inspirational and protective. This amulet is meant to be hung in the home or on your door for these purposes as well as for good luck in general. The eye is made of Tiger's Eye gemstones, which are known for drawing the ability to "see" and think clearly. The ancient Egyptians used Tiger's eye stones as the eyes in some of their god-image statues to symbolize divine vision. Some of the beads are also Tiger's Eye stones, and hanging on the bottom are 3 rustic hand made ankh symbols, Egyptian signs of eternal life. Hang this talisman anywhere to draw in the positive, uplifting, vital sun powers of Horus and Ra. This talisman measures 9 and 1/4" ( nine and one quarter inches) from the top of the hanging chain to the lowermost bead. The price on this guy is $25.00. Look for it when my shop opens back up!

 More awesome art to come!

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