Monday, June 20, 2011

More Summer Solstice Challenge Submissions!

Today I have two of our herbalist team mates sharing their wonderful spell packages for our Summer Solstice submissions.

First we have Morika from Under the New Moon sharing her "Joyful Sunlight Spell in a Tin - Balance Mood Uplift Litha Solstice". The Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate nature and renew our spirit, how better than to bring more joy and balance into your life!  Read more about Morika's kit chuck full of not only all you need for this wonderful spell but also includes a stunning pendant to wear!  

 Another wonderful and magickal spell, seven traditional 'luck in love' herbs, gathered in bloom at the full moon just before the Summer Solstice from her very own apothecary gardens.  Visit her listing to see pictures of Kindle's beautiful garden!

What wonderful magickal, unique and creative art has been shared so far!

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  1. Love the posts, love the creativity of our team mates!



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