Friday, April 22, 2011

Healing through Art Journaling

I have never heard of Art Journaling before this past week, when I came across a discussion on the Goddess Circle about it.  I followed the many links and came across Tam's site Willowing, well can I say WOW!  I'm taking her free online course "Art, Heart and Healing"  and it is so awesome.  I'm loving the whole Art Journaling idea, cos' it takes two of my favorite hobbies Journaling and Scrapbooking and taking them to a whole different level.  She's so easy to be with and shares so much on the videos.  Not to mention all the healing that's coming from this current course.  I'm so grateful my Goddess Sisters shared this link and I can do this.  It most definitely came at a good time, as I had some triggers lately to my crappy childhood years so this healing is very much needed and welcomed.

Here is my first week's project

 There was so much healing AND I actually drew a face.  I've never drawn a face before, was criticized when I tried and  in turn I didn't think I was much of an artist in that way  But through both Goddess Leonie's Creative Goddess Course and Tam's Art Heart and Healing, I'm feeling good about my art and am enjoying it soooo much!

She represents ME...see her nose pierce, LOL

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